Online guitar lessons are a great way to learn the instrument from teachers worldwide. They are also convenient because they can be done anywhere with a good Internet connection.

However, finding a program you will stick with is essential. Jumping between different courses can lead to bad habits forming, especially for beginners.

You Can Learn From Anywhere

Whether you live in the middle of nowhere or are just on your way to work, online learning makes it easier than ever to take guitar lessons. Ensure you have a good Internet connection and can use a web camera for your video chat.

Unless you are an expert guitarist who can teach yourself, it takes significant self-discipline to study and practice guitar. Staying caught up on your lesson schedule can be easy with a teacher physically present to motivate and push you.

Another drawback of online learning is the need for immediate feedback from your instructor. It is all good to plug away on your own, but sometimes it helps to have an experienced eye point out things like a stray finger here or a different pick angle there. This can help prevent bad habits from forming down the line. Thankfully, some online learning services offer this level of personalized instruction.

You Can Learn at Your Own Pace

When you learn guitar in person, you usually work with a teacher who knows your strengths and weaknesses. They can create a lesson plan that matches your needs and provide feedback on your progress. This is especially important for beginners as it can help you avoid developing bad habits.

However, learning guitar online lets you work at your own pace. You can replay lessons as often as needed and pause the video to take notes or practice a specific part of the song. This allows you to master a theme or technique before moving on to the next.

This flexibility can be a massive advantage for people with busy schedules. Just be sure that you have a dedicated space for your lessons where you’re free from distractions. It would help if you also had an internet connection to watch the videos. This could be a dealbreaker for some people.


You Can Learn from Any Style of Music

Whether you’re a rock fanatic or a jazz lover, there’s an online guitar teacher out there who can teach you. It’s just a matter of finding one that matches your needs and tastes. In addition, there are more options to choose from when you look online versus in person.

Online learning platforms like Forbes Music Company can also help you overcome the challenge of not practicing in your home environment. You can use your tablet or smartphone to take the lessons if you have a large screen and the camera is set up correctly. It’s important that the guitar instructor can see you clearly, so a larger device is better than a smaller one.

One of the disadvantages of online lessons is that you won’t get immediate feedback from your tutor. They will need to be able to correct their mistakes in real-time, which can be frustrating for new students. However, many teachers are happy to work with you on a hybrid model incorporating in-person and online lessons.

You Can Learn at Any Time

Although online learning is excellent, some people prefer to learn in person. In-person lessons can give you a clear course with a dedicated instructor, making the process much faster.

This is especially true if you are a beginner and need someone to point out small mistakes in your technique, such as a stray finger or a different pick angle that could become bad habits. An excellent online guitar lesson site can provide feedback and guidance to help you avoid these types of problems.

In addition, seeing your teacher in person can be helpful to understand better what you are doing and where you need improvement. However, this is not always possible or desirable, so combining the two approaches to suit you best is a good idea. This can be done by combining in-person lessons with cheap or free online resources.