From Halloween to New Year’s, there are a number of holidays coming up — and that means plenty of upcoming holiday events. This year, things will look just a bit different as face masks are a must-have item, no matter where your plans will take you.

Read on for our top 5 ways to incorporate face masks into your holiday celebrations!

#1: Halloween just got easier

Do you struggle to pick your Halloween costume each year? This year, it’s a no-brainer to dress up as a doctor or nurse. Your face mask will be right at home!

If you’re opting for something a little more creative, you’ll be pleased to know that face masks provide the perfect accessory and can even be utilized in conjunction with costume makeup and facial prosthetics. Whether you want to be a spooky skeleton, a zombie, or perhaps a monster with no mouth, you can view your face mask as a prop rather than a hindrance.

And for the lazy costume creators among us, simply throw on a face mask under a traditional Halloween mask. Mischief managed!

#2: Offer pre-party favors

Are you hosting a celebration and worried about how to ensure guests are taking necessary safety precautions? You can save the worry by providing face masks at the door for all attendees.

However, one-size-fits-all masks won’t cut it. If you’ll have guests of varying ages and sizes, make sure to order a range of sizes to fit the littlest partier all the way up to the guy with the party-sized cheeks. Even better, reusable masks act as a party favor that continues to protect guests long after they’ve left your event!


#3: Make a fashion statement

You’ve spent countless hours planning what to wear to each and every event. Why ruin the look with a low quality, clashing face mask?

Instead, incorporate your face mask into your holiday event outfit preparations as the finishing touch to your ensemble. Whether you’re opting to match your face mask to your tie or want a brightly-colored mask to be the centerpiece of your look, look for a mask company that provides a wide range of options (like these).

And if you find more than one mask that works, be sure to bring them all along for a mid-event wardrobe change!

#4: Create a 2020-themed holiday card

After the year we’ve all had, a plain old Christmas card just won’t do. Find matching face masks for the whole family and create a card that no one will forget.

But remember, the new normal doesn’t include face masks that don’t fit correctly. Make sure to get your masks from a company that provides different sizing so the whole family can stay safe without swimming in fabric.

#5: Give useful stocking stuffers

Do you struggle with what to put into your family’s stockings? Tired of giving them tchotchkes that they lose or forget about? Time to choose something that’s both useful and customizable.

Face masks make the perfect stocking stuffer, and they provide an easy way to encourage your family to stay safe throughout the upcoming year. But don’t just get them any face masks – make sure to choose the right size, color, and high-quality materials to get your family members excited about wearing their cool new face mask comfortably for the upcoming months.