Biking has many benefits. It improves your leg strength. It’s great exercise. It can boost your mental health and reduce stress. Biking is great for the environment, especially when you commute to work on a cruiser bicycle. Biking can also improve your balance, posture and coordination. If the holidays are overwhelming, get outside on your bike to destress.

5 Ways to Relax On The Trail

When you’re trying to destress, it’s important to relax while you’re on your bike. Although you may think that listening to a podcast or music is a great way to wind down, you may not be able to pay attention to traffic. The key to relaxing while riding is to feel safe while riding.

Make sure that your bike and you can be seen. Use reflective gear and bright colors.
Invest in a good quality helmet and always wear it. Get other protective gear, such as knee and elbow pads. You may decide that you don’t need them after a few rides and that’s okay.
Be alert in high traffic areas or ride in areas without a lot of traffic. Learn to look ahead and know your route.
Learn to ride without tensing up your arms and shoulders. It may take practice to relax your body while riding, but it will make for an easier ride on women’s step through cruiser bikes.
Avoid loose clothing that might get caught on the bike chains. Wear comfortable athletic wear that keeps you warm while wicking sweat away from your body.

You may need to learn to recognize when you’re tensing up while riding and make yourself relax. Some people say that chewing gum helps with their breathing while on a bike. If you do put on music, make sure you can still hear the sounds around you. Learn to ride with good technique. Make sure your bike fits you so you can ride the bike comfortably. The safer you feel while riding, the more relaxed you can be on the road.

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Let Biking Put You In the Spirit

If you’re having a problem getting in the holiday mood, listening to Christmas music or watching Christmas movies can help. Work on your Christmas card list or go Christmas shopping. Biking can get you in the holiday spirit, too. Ride through a neighborhood that has its decorations up. Take on a trail and forget about the holidays for a while. Go for a ride downtown and grab a cup of coffee or your favorite winter drink at the coffee shop. Save money for Christmas shopping by riding to work and not using gas. Take a bike ride and burn calories so you won’t feel guilty for indulging in the Christmas treats you’re baking for the office.

Wondering what to get the family for Christmas? Give a gift that they can enjoy all year long. Put a cheap womens electric bike under your tree for the women in your life. Plan rides together to get out of the house and into nature.