How did People Travel in the Olden Days?

Have you ever wondered about the ways of ancient people’s living and traveling in the vast oceans and dare to fly from the sky and sailing the vast oceans? The ancient people prayed to their gods for help and courage to travel in the olden days.

Travelling helped lives in many ways. Some for joy, some for business trade, and many others for just their goals to roam around the world.

All these people, before starting their journey, should need to have proper protection and safety. So, for their satisfaction and security, they pray to their saints and gods to save them from any calamity.

Many people in this world have their own gods and cultures based on their beliefs and faith. In this piece of content, we will discuss some travel gods, saints, and deities to whom people pray for their safe and sound journey.

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St. Christopher

St. Christopher is the investor saint of travelers in Catholicism. St. Christopher is considered as a travel god. The statues of Christopher can be seen all over the world, including the one which is in Charles Bridge in Prague. The theory says that the legend has carried a child who was completely stranger to him, and after that, the child revealed himself as the Christ.


Apollo, who is considered as the famous God in the pantheon of Greek mythology, has been worshipped for many other things, but travelers mainly look for him because he drove the chariot of the sun. He was thought of as the Greekest of Greek gods. Apollo was the patron saint of sea faring people and also the god of foreigners and escapers.


Hermes is considered as one of the most famous and respectable travel gods and worshipped for the luck, commerce, travel, and merchants.

His main work is to convey the messages to the gods like Roman and mercury. He gets the authority of the god of road, doorways, and protection of travelers.

Travelers seek his protections as he has some plans to made about. He was the son of Zeus, and his equivalent in Roman is Mercury.

Adiona and Abeona

Adiona and Abeona are considered as partners in roman mythology, also referred to as the goddess of safe return. These two gods will watch over the travelers whether they travel alone or tray.

Abeona, in Roman culture, is the goddess of the outward journey. She not only safeguards the protectors but also takes care of the children. Her partner is Adiona. Abeona protects the travelers on the departure while Adiona on the return.


This Greek goddess of travel is not that common as people think it was portrayed with three bodies.

These figures had lights while taking a look at three unique ways, assumptively, in this way, all directions can be visible.

Hecate saw the kidnapping of Persephone, the Greek goddess of vegetation, in this way, she facilitated Demeter, the Greek goddess of search, and look for her.

Pillars who are known as Hecate they observed on intersection and entryways to keep safe from the evil. Hecate was one of the early divine beings known by the Greeks.


Ganesh, which is also called Ganapati, is the Hindu god of travel, starting and removing obstacles. There is a 10-days great festival arranged called Ganesh Chaturthi, and this is purely celebrated for Ganesh between the two months, i.e. August and September.
Many Hindus place replicas of Ganesh in their cars and trucks for the safe and sound journey and travel.

A lot of temples are devoted to the respect of Ganesh. Some important temple names are Kanipakam Vinayaka temple, rockfort Uche pillayar Koil temple, and many others.


Barsamin was considered as a god in American mythology of the sky and weather, which is derived from the Semitic god Baal shamin.

Xaman Ek

In old Mayan culture, Xaman Ek is known as the guide of the merchants and also a travel god or may be a god of direction. Merchants will offer incense to Xaman Ek at the road altar while they travel.


In the mythology of Norse, Meili means a mile stepper is considered to be a son of Odin and brother of thor. He was considered a lovely god, but not many people are aware of him.