Party before Work? It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But it is the concept behind “Daybreakers,” early-morning raves becoming increasingly popular around the World.

At 6:30 am one recent morning, some 250 young — and old — dance enthusiasts gathered in downtown Los Angeles to strut their stuff before many people have even got out of bed.

Originally launched in New York, breakfast parties are now organized regularly in several US cities — but also in London and Tel Aviv.

In Los Angeles, the gathering breaks up around 9:00 am — when many head off for work or play, a smile on their faces.

Party before Work

But unlike a regular rave, there is no alcohol or drugs: the strongest stimulant available in Los Angeles is coffee, with fruit juices the drink of choice at the bar.

There is, of course, a DJ to keep the rhythms coming.

Party before Work

Lenore, whose friends are all married and who no longer goes out to clubs at night, said Daybreakers were ideal.

“I love clubs and now I am over them, this is just like a good way for me to go out and get hot and sweaty and not have to wear stupid shoes and dress like a whore,” she said.

Frank, a 60-something who won’t give his exact age, added: “I have done this twice, I just like to dance, usually mostly by myself or standing dance sometimes, I just love it, I can’t keep my feet still.”

“I’ll take my computer down to the beach and answer some emails, pick my daughter up from school at noon, teach a garden lesson for her class from noon to one,” said Tawnya Calvillo, after her vigorous party workout.

“After that, we’ll probably eat ice cream and go for a bike ride.”

Party before Work

Sounds like a business opportunity for people of Egypt? Who wants to start one? Tell us if you ever wanna go to a party before work?