Useful Tips for Softball Pitches


If you are in softball for a few months, you probably know what pitching is and what comes along with pitching.  If you are in that case you have passed the beginner stage with a good grasp of the fundamentals. Good job!

However, going to the next level of pitching requires more than the basics. You should have better control of your ball with smooth mechanics before throwing some different kinds of pitches. As you get older in the field, pitchers also experience a variety of challenges. But if you are aware of the techniques and have developed a lot in playing, challenges will just turn to be as spices.

Common Pitches of Softball

If you have tried to perform some pitches but knowing what kind of pitches you have done is a big question mark for you then consider some popular pitches of softball that turns ordinary players to excitingly expert position. You can also read how to pitch slow pitch for a more detailed pitching guide.


Throwing hard is normally a pitcher learns first. In training, this pitch should be the main focus because this kind can be your most upsetting trick at the end.  To get the most out of your fastball, hold the ball across the laces of your fingertips, make your legs utilized for maximum power, snap your wrist and finish your follow through.

Drop Pitch

This pitch is considered to be a tricky pitched used to fool hitters. It is thrown likely using the same motion as a fastball. The only difference between the two is the way a ball was held by a hand. Instead of gripping the ball across the laces, you have to grip the ball aligned the laces in drop pitch. For better drop pitching, you have to keep your elbow tight, stand up straight and snap the ball off your fingertips as you let go of it.

Curve Ball

The curve ball pitch utilizes the same grip as the drop pitch but you need to twist your wrist as you release the ball. Twisting your wrist will cause the ball to spin making it hard for batters to track and hit it. Both the curve and drop pitches are incredibly effective in framing the plate. If this pitch is done correctly, hitters will get some sort of confusions if it’s a ball or just a strike.


The changeup is the other effective weapon any advanced pitchers need to use to keep hitters outbalanced. To throw this pitch better, you need to hold the ball deeper in your hand and fully hold your fingertips around the ball. When releasing the ball, make sure to follow through completely. If you are able to change the dynamics of the throw without even making it really obvious, you got the big key for this pitch.

Rise Ball

Rise ball is considered to be the most difficult pitch to master. For this pitch, you need to hold the ball with your middle and ring finger right at the spot on the ball where the laces of your fingertips are close together. Let your ring finger dig into the lace while your middle finger is on top of the ball as you start releasing it. Then, twist your hand quickly. This will make you palm facing up as the ball leaves your hand. The rise ball pitch is a much tougher position to hit.

Executing for Success

If you don’t want to throw every pitch outside, you would also don’t want to throw every pitch inside of the plate. For a really great and successful execution, you need to have a good variety of pitches both inside and outside, and you have to throw fastballs and off-speed pitches to both corners as well. In some cases, once you show one pitch inside, it can open up the outside corner for you especially if you make hitters feel uncomfortable in the box. Keep focus on the batter’s eyes.

On the other hand, you need to hammer the inside corner for an entire at-bat then hammer the outside corner as well for the next at-bat. Mastering a variety of softball tactics will give you a huge advantage in the rest of the softball series. Most batters really have no idea how you are going to pitch them, the way you make success executed depends on how you perform pitching.

Are there any additional tips that I missed? Or are you looking for other great tips to lean on? The always welcomes you for it.