You cannot omit the joints when discussing the body organs responsible for your flexibility. Notably, your joints link the bones with the cartilage and other tissues, which allows you to move or bend. Unfortunately, the joints are subject to wear and tear due to their motor function for your body, which eventually triggers discomfort. Different joint problems trigger pain in different body organs. For example, if you have complications in your sacroiliac (SI) joints, you are more vulnerable to lower back pain and instability in your leg. In that case, you should seek San Bernardino SI joint surgery to get a long-lasting remedy for your debilitating condition. Let us go through the following essential tips to keep your joints healthy.

Orthopedic Surgeon

Get Moving

Regular exercises are indispensable when it comes to joint wellness. Notably, you reduce joint stiffness through regular activities such as biking, thus boosting your flexibility. Additionally, the exercises help to strengthen the muscles around the joints, thus reducing the chances of joint problems. Therefore, you should spare at least thirty minutes for moderate physical exercise when conducting your everyday tasks.

Quit Smoking

Another reason to kick the smoking habit is to keep your joints in good condition. Notably, the cigarette components restrict the quantity of oxygen and nutrients getting to the joints. Consequently, your joints will weaken, becoming susceptible to fractures. Therefore if you are a smoker, you should consult your provider about the right path toward dropping this habit.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Whatever you eat is a practical matter regarding your joint health. Substitute processed meals with healthy meals such as whole grains to maintain your healthy weight. Staying lean will reduce the unnecessary pressure the extra pounds put on your joints. Additionally, healthy diets provide your body with calcium and vitamin D, which boost bone density.

Maintain the Correct Posture

Your posture while conducting your daily activities says a lot regarding your joint wellness. Poor posture usually causes excessive strain on the joint muscles, thus compromising joint health. Therefore, it would help to embrace the proper posture when conducting repetitive tasks. For example, if your job necessitates sitting for long hours, you should ensure that your knee joints are bent with your feet stepping on the floor. While lifting heavy objects, you should keep balanced and avoid leaning on one of the sides.

Understand Your Limits

You are more likely to experience muscle aches along your joints after engaging in exercises. In most cases, the discomfort lasts for a few moments. However, if you continue experiencing the pain for more than forty-eight hours, you stress your joints during exercise. It would help if you reduced the intensity of the exercises next time you work out.

Millions of people worldwide experience lower back pain due to SI joint complications, which hinder their mobility. With reduced mobility, the victims will ultimately have low performance in their workplace. Fortunately, the above self-care tips can help you evade being in that bracket. However, if you encounter SI joint complications, you should pursue the relevant treatment option to restore the quality of your life.