Cosmetic dentistry is big business and has pushed past an annual valuation of 27 billion dollars per year. With populations ballooning, we expect that number to follow suit.

Among the many procedures one can receive within the realm of cosmetic dentistry, perhaps the most notorious in the United States is dental implants. Are you considering seeing a dental implant specialist to remove your decayed teeth and to get set up with new ones?

If you are, our team begs you to keep reading before you engage a pro. Below, we break down what you should look for when hiring an implant provider so you can be sure you’ll love the experience.


1. Reviews

Before you go to a new restaurant, you probably hop on Yelp or Google to see what other customers are saying about it, right? The same should hold true (more so) for when you’re looking for a dental implant specialist.

Cosmetic dental services tend to have well-frequented online review pages, all of which you should scrub before making a phone call.

Look for a practice that has a 4-star review average or better and has over 10-reviews. Doing so should increase your odds of hiring on a quality service.

2. Portfolio

What does the dental implant specialist you’re considering offer in the way of a public portfolio? Can you quickly look over the dental work they’ve done on other patients? Are you impressed with what you see?

Even a specialist with great references and reviews may not artistically do the kind of work that resonates with you. Find out by looking over their before and after pictures and avoid practices you’re not blown away by.

3. Experience

The amount of time a practice has been doing implants should impact your decision on whether or not to do business with them. After all, years of experience bodes well for you in terms of reducing the risk of complications.

Granted, a new implant specialist may do fabulous work! They could even be offering services at a great rate as they build up their portfolios.

Try to judge each prospect on a case-by-case basis and use years in business as a weighted factor as you filter.

4. Range of Services

Renowned dental specialists like Dr. Suzanne Caudry and countless others don’t just hang their hats on implants. They’re also qualified to perform a bevy of other procedures, some of which you may need down the line.

We recommend finding a surgeon that can provide a suite of options for your mouth so you’re not left looking for a new professional every time you need something new done.

5. Cost

As you weigh options for specialists, you’ll find that many have you priced out. And that’s okay!

Get a quote from a specialist you’re interested in as soon as possible and if you can’t afford them, move onto engaging the thousands of specialists you likely can.

There are dental procedures out there for every price point. Finding one that works for you just might take a little bit of work.

Contact a Dental Implant Specialist Today

Getting your smile healthy can change your life. Don’t wait to claim that monumental benefit and do make a call to take steps towards a dental implant procedure now.

You’ll be glad you did!

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