People often buy devices, and they do not require using those devices frequently. However, after a few years, they may remember the device when needed. But, devices also age and start becoming obsolete.

New devices are far more compact and practical. Not only that, unlike older devices, new devices are more affordable. Though most things tend to become expensive with time, it is not true for high-tech goods. Just think about the difference between mobile phones even a decade back and now or even laptops; the difference is immense.

Although PEMF devices are made to last really long, they also tend to get outdated or have other issues. In addition, older devices may also be less effective in many disease conditions. So, here are the five tell-tale signs that you need to get a new PEMF device.

Your PEMF apparatus is too bulky and difficult to store

Perhaps one of the most unmistakable signs that you need something new is that your device is too cumbersome and difficult to store. Early PEMF devices used much larger coils and controls units. However, since then, electronics have progressed a lot.

Modern PEMF devices are quite compact. Thus, PEMF mats look almost like a usual yoga mat with only some differences, like they are embedded with precious gemstones (for hot stone therapy) and have a wire attached along with a compact controller.

These mats can be readily folded and stored. Not only that, but they are also safer to use as they are made from non-toxic materials. Modern PEMF mats even help cleanse the atmosphere by providing negative ions. Additionally, they would have better display and thus control over various parameters.

Not any control of frequency or intensity

If your PEMF mat just comes with a single default setting, it is definitely time to get a new one. One of the problems with default settings is that they might not work for all and in all cases. Usually, lower frequencies are good for improving regenerative processes and a bit higher for improving mood and reducing stress, as they imitate the brain’s natural frequencies.

Moreover, these controllers also allow changing the waveform for a higher benefit. Thus, one may use triangular, sine, and even square waves for better penetration and health effects.

Does not have other therapies


Are you still using a PEMF mat that only has one option of getting PEMF therapy? You are really missing a lot. Modern PEMF devices combine multiple treatments known to be good for reducing stress and boosting regenerative processes.

Thus, expect most modern PEMF mats to provide hot stone therapy with the help of gemstones like tourmaline, jade, and many more. They also have photon light, negative ion therapy, infrared therapy, and so on. In addition, these mats have additional safety features like advanced EMF protection and much more.

Too small for the purpose

Early devices used to be bulky and yet not for the whole body, unlike modern PEMF mats. Thus, one could apply PEMF to just a given part of the body at any given time. However, modern mats are just like regular yoga mats, and one can relax on these mats for half an hour a day and still get all the benefits of PEMF therapy.

Not only that, but there are also PEMF mats for special purposes like for lower backache, joint pains, knee pain, and much more.

Got damaged due to frequent use

Using a damaged PEMF device may be unwise due to certain risks. Older PEMF devices generally lack the safety features of the newer devices that ensure greater EMF-blocking and have many other safety features. A small microprocessor in the controller controls the functioning of modern mats; thus, they are intelligent mats and keep in control of all the device parameters.

To conclude, the PEMF mat is for regular and prolonged use, and like any other electronic device, it may get a bit outdated with time and is also prone to wear and tear. Therefore, if you notice some of the signs as mentioned above, better consider something new and more advanced at healthylineoutlet.