The alarm on your phone keeps beeping but you keep snoozing it. It’s hard waking up in the morning especially if you’re not a morning person. For those who aren’t early birds and enjoy staying in bed, waking up and getting out of it could be real-life torture. If you’re one of these people – some of the beauty morning routines maybe could help you deal with the problem by giving you enough energy to continue with the day. Hopefully, these beauty routines might even cheer you up a bit. To help you out, we prepared a shortlist of tips for your beauty morning routine. Stay with us to find out how to look and smell your best in the next few following steps.

The Importance of Personal Hygiene

Taking care of your hygiene is important for many reasons: your health, socializing and personal psychological reasons.

Health – Good personal hygiene keeps your hands, body and head clean while stopping germs to spread and cause illness. It improves your health. Taking care of your hygiene can prevent illnesses such as flu, cold, cough or gastroenteritis. Taking care of your teeth and oral hygiene can stop not only bad breath but also tooth decay, gum disease and other infections.

Socializing – Washing your body regularly and taking care for yourself reduces the chances of unpleasant body odor which can cause you feeling embarrassed at school, work or any social gatherings. Some people may have experienced being picked on at a young age because of hygiene problems which might did them harm and caused them having low self-esteem. Children should be taught the importance of taking care of their hygiene from an early age. Keeping your body clean and well presented can help you have a positive body image which as a result, may boost your self-esteem.

Personal Psychological Reasons – The way you treat your body and look at it can influence your confidence and self-esteem. People who already have lower self-esteem and those who are depressed usually don’t take proper care of their hygiene which leads to a problem of their poor body image. It’s a circle that will continue if they don’t try to stop it.

1. Taking Care of Your Face

Your skin needs hydrating, it needs to be taken care of. As you get older your skins start changing, quicker than you thought. To keep it healthy it’s recommendable to wash your face twice a day. Most men wash their faces while they’re having a shower. This may seem like a quick and cheap way to take care of your hygiene, but the usage of soap, body scrubs and body gels on your face is not advisable. By using them you’re making more harm to your body – you’re upsetting your skin’s natural pH balance, making your skin dry and irritated. Instead, use a facial cleanser which will keep your pH level normal. When you’re washing your face don’t wash it with hot or cold water, because this will prevent pores to open and close. Instead, use lukewarm water. Sometimes cleansing alone isn’t enough. A scrub once or twice a week will make your skin feel brand new by sloughing off the dead skin cells. With this little secret, your skin will look fresh and smooth.

Another secret tip is to get the moisture in. Everyone’s skin is different and for different skin types should be used different treatments. Heavier moisturizers keep your skin hydrated and form a protective barrier. Before you figure out which moisturizers are a perfect match for your skin, we suggest you go to the closest pharmacy and test for yourself.

2. Dental Hygiene

With a beautiful smile, you can easily attract another person leaving them with positive first impressions of you. A shiny smile can make someone’s day. When taking care of your oral hygiene make sure you brush your teeth at least twice a day – after breakfast and before bedtime. Your toothbrush shouldn’t be very firm because it will make it hard to reach the small crevices between teeth. Avoid drinking coffee, tea or red wine if you’d prefer your teeth to be whiter.

Cleaning teeth

For men’s good health it’s recommended to floss your teeth after brushing them. Flossing will prevent gum disease and make your breath fresh. And we all know how important is to have a fresh breath. That’s the ambassador of the words you pronounce. But sometimes, brushing your teeth and flossing isn’t enough. For better oral hygiene try an amazing tongue scraper that will help you get rid of food debris and bacteria left on the tongue. Bonus is if you use an antiseptic mouthwash that will help you freshen your breath and wash out the debris from your mouth.

This whole oral routine should be practiced every day.

3. Showering Habits

Bathing and washing play a crucial role in maintaining good health and protecting you from illnesses and infections. The main purpose of showering is to remove dirt and unpleasant odors from your body. The need for bathing or showering can vary. It’s an individual thing and it can also depend on a culture you’re a part of. Healthcare professionals advise that your face, genitals and underarms should be cleaned once a day. Showering more than that will strip away essential natural oils of your skin leaving it irritated. But, hand washing should be done quite often throughout the day because your hands are in contact with various potentially harmful bacteria (eg. by shaking hands with other people; touching public door handles etc). When you’re taking a shower, try to avoid using hot water since this can dehydrate your skin making it dry. Instead, use warm water. While you’re showering make sure you wash your feet properly. Soaking your feet in soapy runoff while the water is pouring doesn’t count. Scrub your feet, the bottom of your feet and toes properly to avoid developing foot fungus and other embarrassing issues. There’s a secret effect called James Bond Shower – showering where you need to cool off before you get out off the shower. That’s right, a shot of cold water before you hop out of the shower will prevent you from sweating quickly and getting stinky again. After you’ve had a shower make sure you put some deodorant or antiperspirant. Many men don’t differentiate these two. In case you’re one of them, here’s a quick guide for you – deodorant helps you get rid of the unpleasant odor that sweating causes and antiperspirant stop the sweating.

Cleaning your body is an individual thing, but if you’ve had a long day and if you were under stress you should consider taking a shower. When you’re stressed or anxious a sulfurous odor is produced which causes a stench. To stop that – hit the shower. Taking a shower will feel like you’ve just hit the reset button, making you feel refresh and ready to continue with your day more energized.

4. Take Care of Your (Body) Hair

As you get older you’ll realize, unfortunately, that hair on your head starts thinning but the hair on your back, nose and ears starts growing rapidly. If you want to take care of yourself you should clean that up by trimming, shaving or even waxing that hair. Shaving regularly is an easy and fast way to have smooth skin. More hair will make a bigger mess but with a daily morning routine using the proper tools such as a razor, shaving cream and aftershave you’ll have irresistible skin and cheeks. Often shaving takes away the top layer of your skin which makes it vulnerable and irresistible to bacteria. Using an antibacterial aftershave not only will make you smell good but it will also help you deal with potential bacteria problems.

Just a few small and easy steps done in the morning could make an impact on your appearance and could be essential to your hygiene overall. Some of these steps can be- grooming habits, trimming your nose hair, ear hair and eyebrows, cleaning your ears and moisturizing.

For the best shaving effects, it’s advisable to do it before you take the shower. Always use shaving soap or even better shaving foam which you’ll put on a brush. Using a shaving brush will keep your skin moisturized and soft. Remember to check if your blade for shaving is sharp enough. Using not so sharp blade will leave red marks on your face and neck. One more thing to remember – always shave in the direction your hair grows.

Although, if you’re in a hurry you could do the shaving while you’re having a shower. Using warm water will help your pores open so shaving is not that painful. Every man has his preferences, so trim your beard in a shape you prefer – with trimming you can play a bit with your look, you could go for a more youthful look or clean-shaven (which will probably make you look even younger).

5. More Facial Care

It’s not just women who use face masks. Men can and should start using them too. There are many benefits of a good face mask, eg. if your face gets itchy and irritated from shaving, a face mask may be a solution you’re looking for. Sheet masks will give you younger and brighter skin, a skin you wish for. If you have dry skin and don’t enjoy using heavy greasy creams, a hydrating mask will help you and your skin by dealing moisture back in the skin. There are too many types of masks, but the main purpose of each face mask is to supplement your skincare routines. They supply your skin with more concentrated ingredients and take care of specific skin problems. If you’re a beginner at this and you’ve never tried out face masks before, try using clay masks first. These types of masks are made of ingredients such as mud and clay which purpose is to cleanse deep into your pores and get rid of oil, dirt and debris that’s on your face.

Man’s Beauty Morning Routine

One more thing you can add to your skincare routine is a serum. If you’re new at this and you’ve never tried it out before, try to get the one that refers to a variety of issues. You should use it twice a day. Serums are more efficient than moisturizer and no matter the type of skin or concern you keep in mind that there’s a serum for each problem.

At the end of the day, before you go to bed try putting on a night cream. This is a good way to take care of your skin while you’re sleeping. Know that while you’re resting your skin is on its way to rebuild itself. Night creams are made of active ingredients such as peptides that help your skin with regenerating process. These creams are also very hydrating. It’s totally fine to use the same skin cream during daytime and nighttime but having a special night cream is a pro move.


Taking care of the skin is not just reserved for women. Men should take care of their skin too. A proper morning hygiene routine will leave your skin smoother and healthier and your day will start easier. Every person has a different type of skin and different needs. No one says you should spend hours and fortune on thousands of products. But you should create your own quick, healthy and simple beauty morning routine and stick to it. If you’re not used to taking care of your skin in the morning and you think you’ll spend hours on that, try planning ahead to make things easier. For instance, keep all of the products in an organized and central location. Often used items such as toothpaste, shaving cream and brush, skin cream and deodorant should be put in a location that’s easily accessible and you can easily find them when you need them.

Hopefully, some of these morning tips and tricks will help you out on your way to a younger, smoother and healthier skin you’re striving for.