7 Common Wrong Things People Say About Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you one of those people so self-conscious about your smile that you can’t smile with teeth in public? You obviously check yourself carefully when grinning before turning it into a tight-lipped smile. Well, you should consider cosmetic dentistry. There is a lot of information about this form of dental practice everywhere but you can’t soak in everything you hear. Read on to realize some of the wrong things people say about cosmetic dentistry.

7 Common Wrong Things People Say About Cosmetic Dentistry

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Purely cosmetic procedure

Regardless of the name, cosmetic dentistry focuses on enhancing your oral health. Options like dental veneers enhance the overall look of anyone’s smile. These also protect teeth for those with thin enamel. Erosion of enamel makes affected teeth prone to cracking and chipping and sensitivity to temperature and certain foods. The sensitivity results from shooting pain worsening as erosion increases. Opting for veneers eliminates such problems.

Teeth are weakened

Cosmetic dentistry offers a healthy smile you have always wanted. A healthy smile is a very important asset. Professional cosmetic dentists can’t compromise your oral health and strength of your teeth for anything. The trick is to discuss your treatment options with the dentist. This allows guidance on selecting the ideal option for your condition.

A gummy smile is for life

When not satisfied with your gummy smile, the best Airdrie dentists can give you a better smile. These will have the most appropriate solution to fix your condition. Perhaps your teeth are crooked or have gaps. The dentist can recommend veneers. Additionally, the dentist can opt for gum contouring to give you the smile you have always wanted. This requires removing some gum tissue to make your smile proportionate to your teeth.

Costs a fortune

Cosmetic dental procedures are restorative in nature and might be covered to varying extents by insurance companies. Fortunately, new technology has cut costs significantly down allowing dentists to use low-cost materials to perform procedures efficiently. Today, designing and milling durable dental crowns is easy allowing a patient to get one on a single visit. However, it is important to understand that the cost of a cosmetic dental procedure varies according to amount of work required.

Whitening damages teeth

Professional whitening of teeth has no negative impact. Only DIY kits from a local store can cause considerable damage to your teeth when used incorrectly or too often. Harsh ingredients in these products erode enamel, irritate gums, cause teeth sensitivity, and affect good bacteria in the mouth. Additionally DIY teeth whitening methods don’t follow all teeth curves leading to yellow spots.

When you visit a professional dentist for teeth whitening, you have peace of mind. This is a safer method to get better results when looking forward to whiter teeth. One of the professional teeth whitening processes involves using specialized gel to break down stains on teeth when exposed to special light. The second procedure involves using a custom tray for applying a whitening gel to your teeth for about two weeks. This tray perfectly molds over your teeth without exposing gums to whitening gel.

Takes away the natural unique smile

There is no need to worry about losing your unique smile. Cosmetic dentistry enhances your natural smile according to the way you like it. When you opt for veneers, you select the size shape and shade of your teeth. Perhaps you lost a tooth. The dentist can recommend a dental crown to avoid gaps in your teeth. It is important to keep in mind that cosmetic dentistry focuses on giving you a healthy smile. There is no need to worry about ending up with teeth off the natural assembly line.

Results look fake

Advancement in dental technology has made to equipment and materials that are no different from natural ones. You can wear clear aligners and no one will tell unless they get too close. There are various materials in different colors and shades to resemble natural teeth. It is possible to get a crown or veneers to give you a natural and beautiful smile after cosmetic dental treatment.

Whenever you feel self-conscious about your smile, cosmetic dentistry is the solution to a beautiful smile. Regardless of whether you have damaged or cracked teeth, the dentist will have an option to fix the issue. Fortunately, cosmetic dental treatment is more affordable than before for a lasting solution to dental health problems. The right cosmetic dentist will give you a solution to a healthy and beautiful smile.

Bottom line

Dentists do more than treating dental problems like decay. When not satisfied with your smile, you should opt for cosmetic dentistry. The dentist will recommend options that will give you the smile you have always wanted. It is very important to realize what to expect from cosmetic dentistry. Luckily we have highlighted some of the mistruths you might have been exposed to. Knowing the truth is essential in helping you realize the immense benefits you are missing when you hesitate to go for cosmetic dentistry.