We are sure a lot of you would have heard about the state of California in the United States. One of the most vibrant communities of the world’s largest economy famous for its cliff lined beaches, red wood forests and night life among many other things.

Anaheim First

The state of California boasts an economy of nearly 3 Trillion $ which is larger than many countries of the world. The population of California is nearly 40 million and if it was a country it would be the 37th most populous in the world. There are many famous cities within the state of California which include the likes of Los Angeles and San Francisco etc.

Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim Convention Center

Today, we are not going to talk about the famous cities or tourist spots of California. Instead of that today we shift our focus to a glowing community in the heart of California; the city of Anaheim. The city of Anaheim may not be as famous as other urban centres of the state however it is one of the go to places if you ever get a chance to visit California. The city is home to the world famous Disneyland that was built almost 50 years ago in Anaheim city and ever since then it has completely changed the outlook of the city. Before Disneyland came, the city was primarily an agricultural city however with the arrival of Disneyland came the likes of multiple hotels, motels, restaurants and banks etc.


Anaheim city has gradually turned into an industrial city as many factories have setup their production plants here as it is close to some of the most populated cities of the state. Mainly electronic goods and aircraft parts manufacturers have setup their industrial units in the area which has led to an increase in the number of jobs available in the city.

Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim Convention Center live with events

The city of Anaheim is divided into 6 districts and each district has a district committee who manages the affairs of their respective districts. All district committees report to the mayor and have discussions regarding the social and economic affairs of the county.

Angel Stadium
Angel Stadium

One of the most promising measures taken by the current mayor and his administration has been the Anaheim First program. The Anaheim First program is a resident led program that has been initiated with the help of different members of the community for the overall betterment of the residents of Anaheim. As the name implies the program focuses on placing the city of Anaheim and its residents first when it comes to jobs, supporting small businesses and developing community welfare programs.

Anaheim First

The program is first of its kind in the United States and has gained popularity throughout the country. The Anaheim first program inculcates cultural diversity as residents from all sorts of backgrounds are welcomed on board to come together and work for the betterment of the city and each other. The program aims to reinvest into the community in order to build a strong local economy and maintain a lively neighborhood.

Anaheim Colony Historic District
Anaheim Colony Historic District

Anaheim first also has a very unique way to support small businesses especially local shops and restaurants through their; Anaheim deals website and app. This program is as cool as it name speaks.

Anaheim First Deals App

It’s absolutely free to sign up and very easy to use. It has a simple three step procedure that one needs to follow in order to get hold of some of the best deals in town. The first step is to sign up by filling out a small basic form which asks for your information etc. Once you are done filling out this information, in the second step an offer is sent to your phone usually though a text message or through e-mail. The third and last step is when you go to the sellers shop and redeem your voucher. The process is as simple as it gets and it does not involve the hassle of downloading an application and sending confirmation codes etc.

Metrolink in Anaheim

The basic purpose of this program is to support local economy and increase social integration within the community. The local economy is supported through increased sales and customer inflow at local businesses and restaurants. The local buyers also benefit as they are the first ones to receive the deals as compared to any other outsider. This creates social synergy as both parties benefit from the process.

These days one of the most famous deals include a buy one get one offering with any coffee and lemonade at the blue tree café. The Cervantes restaurant famous for its Mexican food has a discount only for locals of Anaheim of 20% for all order of $ 20.00 or above.

The deals and discounts are endless and they are not only on restaurants but also focus local shopping outlets. At the grocery outlet store you can get groceries in 40-50 % lesser price as compared to the traditional stores. Moreover, you also get $5 off for the purchase of every $20 product. At the very famous NORMS restaurant locals get 15-20% off which on their bill. The options at Anaheim first program are endless; you simply need to sign up!

NORMS Restaurant

One of the most inspiring features of the Anaheim First program is the fact that it focuses on building and strengthening local communities both socially and economically. This sheds so much light on the fact that if the residents themselves are committed to building a strong community they can certainly do it with the support of each other.

Anaheim Packing House
Anaheim Packing House

For example if someone in any of the districts faces problems of security in his or her street, they can simply get in contact with any district representative or even lodge a complaint on the Anaheim first portal and register their problem. The district representatives make sure they resolve problems in their respective districts as soon as possible.

Anaheim First

The options at Anaheim First are endless and some of the deals are irresistible. The local favourite Togo sandwiches also offers 15% off when ordered through Anaheim first. There are some sweet deals available at the Pop Bar who are also offering 15% on total purchase.


The list of deals are never ending which shows the commitment for a strong local economy comes from both sides of the table; the restaurants are willing to give their locals discount options and the locals are willing to order more & more from their local restaurants resulting in a win-win situation.

Anaheim Angels
Anaheim Angels Always A Winner

Moreover, all these offers are sent directly to the individual’s cell phone through a text message, which the person shows at the counter where he or she intends to redeem the offer, making the entire process entirely contact-less.

Anaheim First

The Anaheim city council and its administration is fully committed in making sure that it works for the well-being of its citizens. The Anaheim first program is one of the many programs that the city council has taken up in order to make sure that small businesses can survive in these tough times. We all have been severely affected by Covid-19, a phenomenon no one expected and no one knew how hard it would hit us financially, socially and psychologically. People from all occupations have been affected however small businesses have suffered the most. All around the United States of America thousands of businesses have closed down resulting in countless layoffs and a huge dent to the national economy.

city hall
Anaheim City Hall

In these tough times, it is the responsibility of both the government and local bodies to take steps to save businesses from closing down. The Anaheim city council has done exactly that with its Anaheim First program and it has been greatly appreciated by the local community. Restaurants and other business owners who have registered themselves on the platform have spoken about generating extra sales revenue which otherwise seemed tough in these gloomy times. This has also resulted in these businesses retaining their employees which otherwise they would have been forced to lay off.

The Ranch
The Ranch Restaurant

The program has also served as an economic booster at a time when the city has been impacted due to lack of tourists in its world famous Disneyland. Many businesses in the area are dependent upon the tourists coming into the city to visit Disneyland. Hotels, motels, restaurants, Disneyland itself and many other businesses relied upon tourists for majority of their revenue streams. More than 80% of the businesses have been affected in one way or the other ever since Covid-19 hit our country. Needless to say that such programs have been the need of the hour in not only Anaheim but all across the country.


The Anaheim first has contributed in a lot of other ways to the well-being of its community apart from these very attractive dinning and shopping deals. This includes holding regular town hall meetings with representatives of all districts. These town hall meetings focus on what the major issues are at hand and how the community can work together to solve them. To give you an example Anaheim First recently held the first round of town hall talks in which all residents gathered together to discuss on potential investment opportunities in their neighborhood areas. These talks focused on which investment options are most viable in terms of benefiting the city of Anaheim. Hundreds of residents took part in the first round of talks and they greatly appreciated the initiative. A second round of town hall talks is due in January in which the city council will present its findings on the proposed investment plans by the residents. The aim of this second round of talks is to provide a feedback to the residents on what options seem viable to be worked upon.

Anaheim First

The overall project paints a beautiful picture to any outsider reading about Anaheim first and its residents. The project reflects how governments around the world should work together for the overall well-being of the community. It also shows that where the general public is involved in decisions that affect them the most make them more comfortable and friendly towards the ruling government bodies.

Anaheim First

Anaheim first has certainly bridged barriers between the city government and residents of the city leading to increased harmony and cooperation. The program is certainly a role model that has continued to gain public appreciation throughout the country and many cities have followed suit by applying similar models in their areas.

Always a vibrant culture

We believe that after reading through our article you must be wishing that you were part of the wonderful Anaheim community and you could have availed the wonderful offerings of Anaheim First. As fancy as it seems it is also important to mention that Anaheim is a growing community and like any growing community it faces multiple challenges. There are stones and pebbles on the way but we firmly believe that the city council and district representatives are moving the city of Anaheim in the right direction.

Anaheim celebrations
Anaheim celebrations and fun are never ending

We would end the article with an invitational note to all our readers. Anaheim is a wonderful city blessed with both natural and infrastructural beauty. There is a lot more to the city than its magnificent Disneyland. You can visit the city, its multiple attractions and most importantly make use of Anaheim First application. The Anaheim first program helps to build our local community economically and at the same time it also serves as a platform for tourists to make use of the best deals in town. The program also has community guidelines that serve as an important tool for visitors not aware with prevailing customs and rules.

Anaheim First

Anaheim first is without a doubt the complete universal guide to the city of Anaheim. So next time you visit the city of Anaheim make sure you make use of the best deals of the city with Anaheim First.

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