STDs happen – however with a little knowhow and some health advice you can limit your chances dramatically. Here are some tips in preventing them.

Make All Sex Safer Sex

Every time you have a sexual encounter you need to be practicing safe sex, that’s the only way that it’s effective. Use a female condom, a condom, gloves, and other appropriate barriers any time that you have any kind of intimate contact.

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It’s important to take full responsibility for your own sexual health and to bring your own supplies to any sexual encounter. If your sex life has any form of anal or vaginal intercourse, you should always use a condom. If either you or your partner is at high risk for an STD, you’ll need to be consistent in the use of a barrier form such as a dental dam, or a condom during oral sex too.

It’s important to note that barriers aren’t 100 percent protective for all STDs, however, they will reduce your risk exponentially.

Oral Sex Isn’t Safe Sex

Always seek and encourage all STD testing regardless of whether or not you’re at a higher risk for an STD, you, as well as your partner, should always consider testing prior to any new sexual partners. If one of you or both of you are at a higher risk you should be tested more often.

If you’re being treated for an STD, it’s important that you wait until your treatment is complete prior to resuming any form of sexual activity. If you don’t, you could wind up passing an STD back and forth between you and your partner. It is easy now to take an at home STD test so there is no need to visit a clinic or doctor.

Sex With Only A Mutual Monogamous Partner

A benefit of long-term monogamy is that there is little likelihood of an STD in the relationship. Of course, this hinges upon having already tested negative in the relationship at the start of the relationship. Also, it’s vital that the relationship remain monogamous on both sides.

It’s important to have an open conversation in regards to the definition of monogamy and whether or not the two partners have been tested for any STDs and which STDs were tested.

Winter Blues

It’s vital to understand that STD testing isn’t 100 percent accurate. There is the possibility of a false positive as well as a false negative. The STD viruses can lay dormant and remain undetected for many years without a flare-up only to rear their ugly heads even a decade later. If either partner has had herpes it can remain dormant for decades. For this reason, it’s more important than ever to remain monogamous.

Know Limits

It can be challenging, at best, to remain clear-headed in the heat of the moment. For this reason, it’s wise to always think ahead and be prepared before anything happens. Always be clear with your intentions and know what you’re willing to do prior to moving any relationship to the next level.

Making a decision before you make any moves is a great way to help you to have a clear agenda. It can also help you to be properly prepared with condoms.

Talk To Your Partner

It’s important to always have clear communication with your partner to help prevent STDs. be open and honest in regards to sex. Always practice safe sex and be open and honest in regards to any testing that you’ve had done or need to have done.

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It’s vital to be comfortable in regards to talking with your partner regarding your relationship status. Even if you’re not exclusive, you should consider talking about what monogamy means and whether or not you can achieve it within your relationship. This can help your sex life to be much safer and far more fulfilling.

Don’t Use Drugs Or Drink Prior To Having Sex

Drugs and alcohol can prevent you from making wise choices in regards to your sex life. If you’re impaired, you may make bad decisions. Under the influence, you may have sex with someone you’d never have sex with if you were sober.

Learn To Say No Comfortably

It’s okay to say no and not have sex with someone. Sex isn’t something that you owe anyone, even if they did buy you dinner or go out with you more than one time.