Many healthcare facilities need additional physicians because of the healthcare crisis. Medical staff in hospitals and other facilities are suffering from overwork. Many of them are required to work around the clock because there are no other medical staff to take over.

The best option is to work with a locum tenens agency to ensure there will be enough medical staff during each shift.

What is locum tenens?

Locum tenens roughly translates into “to hold a place,” which means physicians who can fill in temporarily for other doctors. The length could be a few days up to six months, depending on the need. A healthcare facility or hospital can hire locum tenens physicians, as well as other part-time healthcare providers when the facility is facing a temporary shortage of staff due to illness, vacancies, or any other valid cause.

Advantages of working with locum tenens agencies

1. For physicians and advances practitioners

Working with a trustworthy physician recruiter agency provides medical practitioners many advantages, as they can define their physician career at any stage, whether they are residents, fellows, or experienced professionals. They can also avail themselves of many benefits that will boost their careers, from insurance protection to medical licensure assistance. The staffing agency can also provide liability protection and malpractice insurance. Healthcare providers can have interim work while deciding what they want to do. They can also gain more job experience from assignments in different patient populations and locations.

2. For healthcare facilities

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities can gain several advantages if they work with locum tenens agencies. The organizations can avail of the services of highly competent physicians and other healthcare professionals. They can have more control over staff schedules.

Besides that, here are more advantages of working with a locum tenens agency:
• Access to excellent medical practitioners. Locum tenens agencies have access to a huge number of physicians with exemplary experience and proven track records of providing superior patient care. The organization can identify what they need and the agency can find the physicians who match their requirements.
• Easier replacement of a healthcare provider. There are several steps involved when a healthcare facility hires a physician or any other healthcare practitioner. The facility has to make sure that the physician will be a match with their practice. They have to think of relocation fees, benefits, and signing bonuses. If the full-time physician they hire turns out not to be a good fit, the process of ending the relationship takes a long time. On the other hand, the facility will only incur minimal cost and time when they need to replace the physician from a staffing agency.
• Higher retention rates. Aside from having the services of physicians who are chosen for their excellent work ethics and experience, the facility is assured that the physicians will stay on the job for the duration of their contract. You are assured of quality service at all times.
• Better risk management. The quality of healthcare practitioners you get from a locum tenens agency is assured. Also, the agency is responsible for the professional liability insurance of its staff.

When your medical facility needs to onboard healthcare providers quickly, the fastest way to find quality physicians is through a locum tenens agency you can trust.