Sun exposure is important since it is a vitamin D source, improving skin quality. Even though it has benefits, too much exposure has been highlighted as a major cause of skin cancer. For instance, basal cell carcinomas are caused by long-term exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. Even though it can be fatal at later stages, it is easily curable and has less damage if diagnosed and treated early. Since most people know how hectic the condition can be, they are currently going for Chevy Chase basal cell carcinoma treatment. The following are the common basal cell carcinoma myths you may have believed.

You cannot develop it During Winter

Some people believe they cannot have skin cancer in winter since it is cloudy and the sun is not that strong. Most people fail to have any sunscreen or sunblock during this period. However, the truth is the harmful UV rays that the sun emits are responsible for basal cell carcinoma, and they are there even during winter. The person should not fail to apply precautionary measures to prevent cancer during the winter.

The damage has Already Be Done

One of the worst statements to hear from a person is a statement of giving up. Some people decide to live a wild life without protecting their skin since they believe they have already damaged their skin during childhood. However, even though the person has already damaged the skin, there is room for correction. Moreover, living a wildlife will add another damage to the one that is already existing. The person can start employing preventative measures at any point to avoid cumulative damage of basal cell carcinomas.

The Person should not Wear Sunscreen since Sun Exposure Boosts Vitamin D levels

Sun exposure is a source of Vitamin D, which benefits the skin. Even though sun exposure is beneficial, it has DNA damage that can cause skin cancer. Rather than risking having basal cell carcinomas, the person should substitute the Vitamin D deficiency by eating a balanced diet rich in Vitamin D nutrients.

Dark-Skinned people cannot get it

Some people believe that dark-skinned people cannot get basal cell carcinomas. The truth is that dark-skinned people have a low risk of having this cancer since they have photo-protection since they have higher epidermal melanin. Even though they have fewer risks, they are not entirely immune to this disease. Every individual should therefore go for a checkup regardless of their skin color.

Only Old People get it

Some people have termed basal cell carcinomas as a disease of older people. Even though older people are at a high risk of having this disease because they have weak immune systems, no person is entirely immune to it. Every individual should therefore go for regular checkups and apply prevention measures regardless of age.


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