Organic has become a popular buzzword over the years. Organic products are now increasingly more common on the shelves of grocery stores. The rise in organic food consumption looks to continue for the foreseeable future. In recent years, organic food sales made a significant leap. It reached a record high after jumping almost 13% compared to other years.

Despite this soar in sales, some consumers are still unsure about what organic means regarding food. In summary, organic food refers to how food is produced. Organic foods have been made without artificial chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers. All of the food has been organically grown. Farmers will have used natural fertilizers, like manure, to help plant growth.

Knowing that there are no chemicals used to produce the food is one of the reasons why a rising number of consumers are switching to consuming organic products.

There are numerous reasons why more consumers are starting to choose organic products; here are just a few.

Reasons For Switching To Organic

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Each consumer that chooses to switch to organic will have their reasons. Some will do it for animal welfare reasons; others decide to change for health reasons. Regardless of their choice, the popularity surrounding organic products remains, and these are a few reasons why.
• Preferred Taste – This is subjective, but some consumers find that the taste of organic is better than conventionally produced food. They highlight that the food has a greater taste, sometimes more flavorful. It is why they continue to repurchase organic produce.
• Reduced Pesticides – Conventional foods likely contain large quantities of pesticides. They are used with growing products. Reducing their consumption of pesticides is something that many consumers aim to achieve. Any certified organic food will more than likely contain fewer pesticides.
• Sustainable Option – The lack of pesticides used in farming is why organic farming is viewed as a more sustainable approach to food production. The reduced pesticides combined with the greater choice of plants can help to enhance biodiversity. This results in better soil quality.
• Often Fresher – Some consumers find that organic food is often fresher. When food has been harvested, it will immediately lose all of its nutrients. It is a normal process that occurs with both produced food types. Organic food does not contain preservatives, which do not last long. It is sold shortly after being picked. This quick turnaround rate means that organic food is the fresher choice.

Range Of Products Available

With more people looking into switching to organic, the range of products available continues to expand to meet this demand. Consumers want the choice of purchasing their favorite products made from organic products.

If you are on the fence about switching to organic, here is a selection of some organic products available to choose from.

Protein Options

One common reason for switching to organic produce is for health reasons. Many will associate eating organic foods with living a healthier lifestyle. Combining a balanced diet with exercise is how many maintain a healthy way of living.


Those who want to improve their muscle strength will likely use protein products, such as powders, to make drinks, to help them build muscles. Fortunately, there are organic whey products. These products allow them to get the protein needed whilst using organic-based products. Some guides compare the differences between organic whey protein and conventional protein. It highlights the key differences in each product.

Candy Choices

When people hear the word organic, fruit and vegetables are words they will often associate with. Candy is notorious for containing significant quantities of artificial flavorings and colorings. These are used to enhance the color of the products and the sweetness of their taste.

Organic candy does not contain these high numbers of artificial flavorings. The organic candy options available are made from natural ingredients. These include more vitamins and minerals. Although candy might be organic, it does not necessarily mean that they are sugar-free. If you try to cut out or minimize your sugar intake, it is still worth checking the sugar contents before consumption.

Carbohydrate sources

Nutrition Bars

Nutrition bars are often viewed as an excellent snack for a busy day. They are great for travels, long walks, or something to eat to satisfy cravings at work before finishing to go to lunch. Consuming a nutrition bar is a simple way to ensure that you get enough nutrients, especially on a busy day.

Each brand that produces a nutrition bar will have ingredients and nutritional values that will be different from its competitors. Read the labels carefully to see what each of the products contains. You can make a better-informed decision about which nutrition bars to purchase.

In Summary

Organic food can be purchased from various vendors. It can be bought from a farmers market, a food co-operative grocery store that offers lower product prices for its members and even a community-supported agriculture farm.

When buying organic food, there are a few factors to remember. Buy fruit and vegetables in seasons when they are at their freshest and sometimes cheapest. Take the time to compare the costs of different organic food suppliers. Look to see which one has the best product choice and at the most affordable prices.

A common misconception surrounding organic food is that it is all healthy. Although some products might be more nutritious than others, it is still worth checking the labels of any organic food you are looking to purchase. Read the labels carefully to see how much sugar or salt is contained within each product. It will help you know what is in the foods you consume.

However, organic food tends to come with a higher price tag. It is partially due to the cost of organic certification, having to feed animals twice as much, it is more labor intensive, and the size of farms is smaller.

The higher price tag can be the factor that deters people away from purchasing organic products. The advantages of investing in organic products can be worth the additional costs. The decision to switch to organic is a personal choice of the consumer. The rising number of people switching indicates that they believe the products are worth the costs.