Are you reading a lot online these days about immunity and how to boost it with Probiotics? When you’re done, we’re going to be over here dispelling more probiotic myths, sound good?

Here are 5 Myths about Probiotics that Jetson Probiotics are Dispelling them:

Some Great Facts from Jetson and More

Probiotics don’t create noticeable change.

Give it a couple of weeks. At first, you might notice symptoms like gas and bloat, but that’s just your gut adjusting to the influx of good bacteria (call it a housewarming party?).

Although less than 20% of Jetson customers report not feeling a difference, Jetson want to be clear that if you can’t feel your body operating in high gear. Then Jetson promise it is with lower blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels, mental health improvements and boosted immune system.

You can take probiotics very so often and experience benefits

Sadly, this is another one of those consistency is key moments. Although each individual Jetson capsule is powerful in its own right, it’s not going to colonize your gut long-term. So if you are having trouble remembering your daily dose, why not sign up for text reminders for a daily wake up text.

Probiotics are only good for digestion.

You really think we created Jetson to be a one-trick pony? Probiotics support immunity, mood and energy. They lower autoimmune disease risk, decrease symptoms of allergies and reduce inflammation. Although, if you’re a Jetson customer, you probably know this already.


Comparing to Natural Probiotics

While it’s true that some foods are naturally rich in probiotics (like yogurt), having the right probiotic strains is key to your health. A healthy gut microbiome should have 100 trillion microorganisms, coming from 300-500 different species of bacteria. Taking a high-quality probiotic is the only way to get the specific, studied strains your gut needs, in the quantities it needs them.

First off, not all yogurts are probiotic. Most yogurt is just, well, yogurt. But even some of the ones that claim to be, don’t really measure up. Take the “leading brand” of probiotic yogurt, for example. Clinical trials have shown that you’d have to eat up to 25 servings to get the benefits of its probiotic strain, which is shown to reduce bloating, gas and improve stool consistency. That’s a sh*tload of yogurt.

All probiotics are the same

Do we really have to keep reminding people that this couldn’t be farther from the truth? This is why Jetson is different. Jetson capsules are a proprietary Korean design that is focused on ensuring the bacteria actually reach the place where they have an impact. In other words, if the pills dissolve in your stomach, they aren’t going to do you much good. Our capsules are specially designed to resist stomach acid and break down in the intestine where they can deliver our payload where it needs to be.

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