Many believe that the Swiss all enjoy the riches of the country despite the highest suicide rates in the world. According to the popular belief that people commit suicide without having any problems, but the study conducted by the World Health Organization, explained that Greenland is the top country of suicides with the highest rates in the world. Thus, Egypt being at the bottom shows that the Egyptians as people loving life with ranking number 106.


The Organization spotted suicides among every 100 thousand citizens accidents, clear from which to Greenland ‘s highest suicide rates with 83 recorded suicides per 100 thousand people , making it the top of the list of suicides highest rates in the world , and progressing up on North Korea, which recorded 38.5 suicides among every 100 thousand citizens, followed by South Korea, which recorded 28.5 suicides per 100 thousand citizens, while the United States recorded 12.1 suicides per 100 thousand citizens.

The organization issued its report in August 2014 that states that the Egyptian people are loving life and clinging to them, with the index declining significantly in suicides among every 100 thousand Egyptian citizen, which did not exceed 1.2 suicides.

It is clear from the statistics that Syria and Saudi Arabia have the least suicide rates in the world, where each recorded 0.4 suicides per 100 thousand citizens.

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