Having the right kind of gear can make a world of difference in performance levels. If you ask any experienced wakeboarding expert, they’ll indefinitely tell you that the way to improve your skills is by getting the right gear. But in today’s world, with a plethora of options, how can one make an informed, sound decision about which type of water sports equipment – wakeboard is best for their specific need?

Here are the top tips for finding your perfect wakeboard:

  1. Get Your Own Board: The key to excelling in anything is investing in the right gear and putting in the time required to master the skill. Often wakeboarders share a wakeboard with other partners as a solution to cut some of the cost. However, sharing gear can be a troublesome route to take, especially as both of the riders have to compromise on the characteristics of the wakeboard they prefer. 
  2. Always keep a check on the labels: Generally, all wakeboards fall into three skill set levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each skill set defines the characteristics of the board. It affects the material used, the boards’ rockers, and other parts as well. If you are a beginner, there’s no point in getting a tournament level expert wakeboard. Getting advanced level bards can be detrimental as they’ll end up feeling too fast and loose on the grips. The beginner boards use should be more forgiving and traverse slower in pace. Utilizing these boards instead will make the learning curve easier to tread. 
  3. Pick the right size for you: The right size of wakeboards can be determined based on one’s weight and height. If a wakeboard is too small for an individual, they will inadvertently sink. Which then affects the wake size – making it smaller. When the wake size is smaller, then it assures that one has less control over the wake and themselves. On the other hand, if the wakeboard is bigger in comparison, it makes it harder to spin or pop off from the wake. Make sure to check sizing charts to ensure that you are getting appropriately sized wakeboards for yourself. It’s a good idea to get a longer board as you will definitely grow into it as you progress in skill level.
  4. What’s under the skin: Wakeboards usually are built using fiberglass material wrapped around a foam or a wooden core. In comparison to the wooden core ones, foam ones are cheaper to make and purchase, lighter to carry and far more durable. Even though foam ones are more commonly used, the wood ones are reputed for providing a better snap off from awake.  


As a beginner in the wakeboarding realm, it is best to go through this list of tips to finding your perfect water sports equipment – to fulfill your wakeboarding dreams. For more questions, always swiftly lookup water sports equipment services that can help you better make the right wakeboarding choice for you.