Eye conditions are not a new occurrence. In the past 100 years, there have been advances in the treatment of eye diseases. Only 100 years ago there were fewer treatments for eye conditions which left people little choice if blindness was diagnosed for them. There is not much difference between men and women when they are young in eye diseases. However, as they begin to age the differences become apparent. On average women tend to have more eye abnormalities than men.

Some eye diseases affect men more than women. As mentioned, earlier with aging the differences between men and women with eye diseases become obvious. Glaucoma, macular degeneration related to age (AMD), and retinopathy related to diabetes. Primary open-angle glaucoma is more dominant in men with aging. In women, it is angle-closure glaucoma that is prevalent. The differences are mainly due to physiology.

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Diabetic retinopathy is dominant in men due to physical differences in the sexes. Another eye disease that seems slightly more present in men than women with aging is Presbyopia. This condition is caused by a hardening of the lens which reduces flexibility and makes the world look blurry. It commonly occurs around men reaching their forties.

There is no medical treatment for this eye condition, other than wearing corrective lenses. Laser surgery can correct the problem; however, it is used when the eye has stopped hardening. So, with this condition, it can take a few years before surgery can be performed to correct it. Glaucoma is hereditary and is treated in a variety of ways.

Men of African ancestry are affected by glaucoma. It is sometimes a painful condition with the buildup of pressure in the eye. Glaucoma starts slowly most of the time and for this reason, can go unnoticed. Sometimes it can come on quickly. In the early stages of the disease, it can be treated and blindness can be prevented. Eye drops to reduce pressure can be applied. Sometimes surgery is necessary. Glaucoma suffers are entitled to a free examination offered by the NHS. This also applies to their close relatives.

Cataracts also seem to affect men over age 60 more than women. The condition has similar symptoms as glaucoma. A person can have blurred vision, double vision, difficulty seeing at night. Headlights of oncoming cars have a halo around them. The colors seem to be faded. A cataract is a thickening of the viscus tissue eye lubricant. Removal is quite easy these days with outpatient surgery.

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As mentioned earlier women tend to have more eye diseases than men. The eye conditions talked about in this article are fully treatable. Some are more serious than others. Just remember that as with any disease early detection is key. Regular eye check-ups and following the instructions of your eye doctor can help you to keep good healthy eyes. Follow the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This is true. Just take the time to take care of your eyes and you can have use of them for years to come. Consider looking up eye care centers for vision care in your area and scheduling an eye exam.