How often do you engage in physical activities? Your healthcare provider will recommend exercise for at least half an hour daily. Conducting activities, especially your favorite sports, is fun. Importantly, you boost overall health through regular exercise. However, while in the playground exercising, you are more likely to encounter strains in your muscles and joints. These injuries can interfere with your flexibility, lowering the performance of your favorite sports. The good news is that embracing the following strategies while playing can help lower the risk of Portland sports injuries.


Many people bolt into the playground and start playing. Jumping into physical activities without light exercises can expose you to injuries. Be sure to start slow in any exercise that you conduct.

This way, you prepare the muscles and joints for upcoming events. For example, if you are an athlete, you should begin the long race with light jogs. Also, it is good to cool down your muscles when winding up with your exercises.

Wear Protective Equipment

The protective gears are crucial when preventing sports injuries. These types of equipment vary from one sporting activity to the other. For example, knee guards have effectively protected soccer players from knee injuries.

Wearing a helmet will help prevent head injuries if you participate in biking. Talk with your trainer about the right protective gear for your sport. You can also seek discreet gear like custom orthotics from your healthcare provider.

Understand the Rules of Game

Imagine a street where the drivers do not follow the traffic rules. In that case, many car crashes would occur as drivers try to overtake each other. Similarly to sporting activities, injuries would be rampant if the players did not follow the rules.

While on the pitch, know the rules of the game you play. Once you and other players understand what is expected of you, you lower the chances of injuries. For example, in football, you should never steal the ball when you are behind your opponent.

Listen to Your Body

It can be tempting to continue with your favorite sport with an injury. However, this is a bad idea since it can aggravate your sprains. The worsening injuries will make you sit on the bench for a long time.

No matter how mild a discomfort is, it signals something amiss. If you feel discomfort, take a break from the sport to avoid straining the existing injury. Tell your coach about it to arrange the first aid measures.

Sport Injuries

Stay Hydrated

Many people underrate the power of hydration when it comes to injury prevention. Water is the major fluid component in spongy structures within the joints. This fluid helps to absorb shock and minimize friction force.

However, when dehydrated, water from the synovial fluid seeps into other body parts. Consequently, your joints will be vulnerable to wear and tear. Therefore, you should drink at least eight cups of water daily. Take small breaks for hydration whenever you train.

Physical activities are indispensable when it comes to maintaining overall health. While participating in your favorite activities may feel good, you are more exposed to sprains and strains. These injuries can interfere with your performance in your favorite sports. Therefore, you should embrace the above strategies when engaging in physical exercises. Wear protective gear that aligns with your sport to safeguard you from injuries. Drinking plenty of water is also necessary for keeping your joints healthy.