As we go through the years, we learn a lot about life and experience so many different things. There are high points and special moments like graduations, a wedding and the birth of a child.

As an adult, we head out from the nest and have a series of firsts in the world. We look for our first major job in our chosen career field, perhaps choose a new city to live in and set up the first true place of our own. There are amazing times spent with friends, and lots of fun and celebrations along the way.

Life, though, can also change in an instant. You can be doing the simplest of tasks, like running to the store for something you need for a recipe or just going to grab a coffee or mocha, and the unexpected occurs. Perhaps you are on your morning commute, which you’ve done so many times, and suddenly it all changes.

In a split second, you can go from everything is fine to finding yourself the victim or an erratic driver and auto accident. When this occurs, the shock is enormous and unfortunately the potential injuries often severe. To recover, you’ll need to seek the services of a highly trained and experienced chiropractor.

Whiplash: The Most Common Injury in Automobile Accidents

If you are in an automobile accident, the most common injury is whiplash. All told, it’s estimated that in the United States alone there are around 3 million whiplash injuries in a year. Multiple studies have found that victims of whiplash often have pain persist for years after their crash occurs.

It’s very important that you find a chiropractor who specializes in whiplash recovery immediately after you are injured, so they can begin helping with your healing so you can avoid long-term suffering.  Some of the symptoms of whiplash include neck pain, and pain in your jaw, shoulder, hand or arm. You may also experience headaches, tingling and numbness and possibly show signs of brain injury.

Text Neck Symptoms: Your Smartphone Is Sending You to the Chiropractor

What Causes Whiplash

During a car crash, it’s understood that the action and motion of the neck resembles a whip-like effect; hence the term ‘whiplash’. In reality, though, the motion and what happens is far more complicated. When an accident occurs, you neck and head can accelerate to between 3 and 5 times faster than the acceleration of the car.

The sudden and instant change in speed can lead to damage in your head and neck muscles, ligaments and nerves. It can also result in significant pain, or even disability. These can become chronic unless you seek early treatment and care.

How Your Chiropractor Can Treat Whiplash and Your Other Injuries

One of the first steps that your chiropractor will take is to do a series of X-ray studies. These, coupled with a detailed physical examination and review of what is going on with you, will help them discover the extent of your spinal misalignment and other injuries.

From there, they will develop a comprehensive, customized treatment plan designed to restore you to health. They may recommend spinal manipulations, physical therapy and other specific treatments to address your unique needs. The use of a deep tissue laser for the treatment of pain may also be part of your healing plan.