There are a huge amount of hand sanitizers to choose from right now. Covid opened the door for the crazy phenomenon of bootleg hand sanitizers, homemade hand sanitizers, and hand sanitizers that cost more than a bottle of good perfume. Luckily, these kinds of bizarre issues have made us wise up when buying this newly omnipresent product that has become integral to avoiding illness.

Make Sure It Kills Germs And Viruses

When Covid swept across the globe and sent the cost of hand sanitizers through the roof, the FDA put out a (long) list of hand sanitizers that didn’t adequately kill microorganisms well enough to actually sanitize the hands. This is pretty problematic since the entire point of hand sanitizer is to kill germs on the hands and palms, if a thorough hand washing can’t be achieved because of time or circumstance. Even though some of the hand “sanitizers” listed had amazing ingredients, natural ingredients, probably smelled amazing and had lots of other great qualities, if they don’t actually protect you from germs, then there’s no point in using them.

In August 2000, after the reality of quarantine became too real to most Americans, one Mexican company faced legal repercussions for releasing a hand sanitizer that contained 1-propanol, which is a deadly toxin that attacks the nervous system. 1-propanol can cause death when consumed, absorbed through the skin, or if it gets in the eyes. This is probably the most terrifying example of the kinds of things that happened when hand sanitizer infamously went on a premium around the world.

The list of “sub potent” hand sanitizers needed to meet the following guidelines, according to the Centers for Disease Control: all hand sanitizers need to have a sufficient amount of a minimum of one of two specific kinds of alcohol. At least 60% ethanol or 70% of isopropanol must be present to be effective. These levels have the added benefit of being safe for the skin.


Five Rules To Choosing Hand Sanitizer

1. Know Alcohol Percentage: Effective hand sanitizer that is also safe for the skin has at least 60 to 80 percent alcohol by volume. Check product packaging to make sure this is true.
2. Know The Type of Alcohol: The two kinds of alcohols used in hand sanitizer that are both effective and also safe are either ethanol (ETOH) or isopropyl alcohol (ISO or IPA, less frequently Iso-OH). Ethanol is more effective than isopropyl alcohol.
3. Look For Beneficial Ingredients: Once the right kinds of alcohol, in the right amounts, are in your hand sanitizer, it is good to look for beneficial ingredients for  the skin, which can become dry and cracked with repeated hand washing all day long. Ingredients like aloe, and other products, such as handvana hand sanitizer, are good at making sure the skin stays soft and healthy, which is also important.
4. Use It Correctly: You should always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least two minutes after knowingly getting your hands dirty (after toileting, or any activity that likely results in lots of potential germ contact). Once you know any excess dirt, grease, or disease-causing material is off of your hands, use hand sanitizer throughout the day to keep your hands germ-free. Squirt a dime-sized amount in the palm, massage it into both the fronts and back or the hands, paying special attention to under the nails. Don’t wipe off excess moisture from the hand sanitizer; allow it to evaporate. Once your hands are dry, continue on with your day.
5. Choose A Trusted Brand: The problems brought forth with covid showed us all that choosing a brand that has been trusted for making products that are safe and effective is one of the best ways to avoid problems. While off-brand products might well be ok to use, the companies that have made this product safely and effectively for many years are good to recognize, especially if you don’t have the time or patience for reading labels.

Staying Safe in a Scary Age

Hand sanitizer is one very easy way to fend off disease in a disease-phobic world. Knowing how to choose safe and effective hand sanitizer is key for staying healthy and having peace of mind.