Making your kids brush their teeth is not as easy as it sounds. You don’t just wake up early in the morning, show them how to brush then expect them to pick up the habit right away. The process is tricky, and it requires creativity. When it comes to brushing teeth, kids can do anything to ensure they don’t partake in the process.

There is no explanation of why they find it so hard to spare some few minutes of their busy schedules and brush their teeth. However, there are ways you can make your kids nurture the morning ritual. Below is a list containing details on how to make your kids brush their teeth. All you have to do is apply some of the ways and watch them do it without a reminder.

Reward them for brushing

There is nothing that kids love more than doing something for a reward. You can thus use this weakness to cultivate the teeth brushing behavior among them. First, start by offering weekly rewards. The idea is to give them something less valuable but essential to them. You can then push the prizes to every end of the month. That is by telling them if they brush their teeth for the whole month, you are going to give them something in return. The idea of a reward at the end of the month is going to see them put in more effort to brush their teeth. As the days go by, it will turn out to be a routine and not something they do to win a prize.

Let them choose their toothbrush

Kids have different tastes from adults. So maybe the main reason why you have brush fights is that your toddlers dislike the toothbrushes they are using. To change that, take them to a supermarket and let them make their choice. You may find them picking something different and unique. The idea that they chose their toothbrush is enough to motivate them to adopt the routine. Once the toothbrush loses its effectiveness, take them and watch what they pick. Please don’t assume that since they made a particular choice last time, they are going to make the same choice. It is among the best tricks to cultivate good brushing behavior that works remarkably well.


Make it a family thing

While at their tender age, kids love doing most things with their parents. They find the idea safe, and if it’s not, they know their parents are there to support them. So go ahead and make brushing teeth a family routine. Every morning after bed, you should all head to the sink and brush your teeth. Once you finish, head to the dining room for breakfast. Do the same thing right before bed. With time, the kids are going to adopt the activity. They will also embrace the practice whether you are home or not. That is because, at the back of their minds, you are doing the same thing even when you are not at home.

brushing kids teeth

Make it a game

Don’t assume that since your kid has a resin crown, he or she doesn’t need to brush his or her teeth. You need to use every means possible to make them understand the importance of brushing their teeth even if it’s coming up with a game. For instance, you may come up with dancing patterns that are both amazing and captivating. The rule should be that they are only allowed to use those movement patterns when brushing their teeth. If the patterns are enthralling enough, your kids will always look forward to brushing their teeth right before bed and early in the morning, as taught by a pediatric dentist in Alexandria, VA. Sometimes this trick can make kids drag their parents from bed very early so that they can clean their teeth.

Put them in charge

Another brilliant way to make your kids brush their teeth is to put them in charge. Make them the mini-officers of the house. Their task is to ensure that every individual in the house brushes their teeth. If you fail, you have to answer to them why. You will find them taking the role seriously. They will also end up leading by example for you to know they mean business. The tip makes brushing fun, and it also teaches your kids some valuable leadership skills.

Use a sweet toothpaste

Don’t force your kids to use a particular toothpaste simply because you enjoy the taste. Maybe that is the only thing that is keeping them from brushing their teeth. So go ahead and try something different and most preferably sweet. See how they react to the toothpaste, if they don’t like it, go ahead and try another option. Once you land on the toothpaste they want, they are going to start showing interest in brushing their teeth. Something about this incredible method of making your kids brush their teeth is that it is easy to achieve. All you have to do is find their favorite toothpaste.

Allow them to do it on their own

If there is one thing that is helping them to do almost everything. Most kids like acting like adults, so go ahead and make them one. Make a small shelf for their toothpaste and toothbrush. You should also make them a sturdy stool that they can climb on so that they may brush their teeth. The idea of them squeezing out the toothpaste and brushing their teeth without aid is going to thrill them. They will thus be very eager to brush their teeth every day without skipping even one. That is because they can’t imagine a day going by without them acting like adults.

brushing kids teeth

The tricks above are ideal for kids that are showing resistance brushing their teeth. Each method is creative, and the idea behind it is to give the kids something to look forward to when brushing their teeth. You will thus find them putting in more effort on the activity so that they can end up achieving something in the long run. What they don’t know is that as the days go by, the practice becomes a routine.