The CDC has found unintentional injuries as the leading cause of death in people aged 1 to 44. With accidents happening so often, many people try to walk off aches and pains without realizing the damage ignoring an injury can cause.

If you have recently suffered from an injury and don’t seem to be getting better, it might be important to look into physical therapy.

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy, often called PT or physiotherapy, focuses on treating aches, pains, and the general wear and tear of the human body in regard to the muscular and skeletal systems.

Physical therapists work closely with you to evaluate and create a treatment plan that best suits your needs. While a physical therapist is not able to diagnose you as a doctor might, they can work with your doctor to better target the problem or work with an orthopedic surgeon if you need surgery.

Some people seek out physical therapists for sports injuries such as sprains, tendonitis, and back pain but they also help with chronic pain such as arthritis or mobility issues caused by accidents.

Back Pain

Do I Need Physical Therapy?

If you have recently been in an accident or suffered an injury playing sports, there are a few signs to look out for when considering physical therapy.

The first sign you should look out for is an injury that doesn’t seem to be healing. If you have been resting and properly treating an injury and it still hurts after 3 to 4 days of rest, you might have a larger injury than you expected.

Another clear sign is a visible change in appearance. This change can be swelling around an area of injury or bruising. You may also notice that everyday actions become harder to perform. This change in performance can also be a sign that physical therapy is needed.

It might seem easier to grab some pain medicine and try to work through it, but larger issues may be unaffected by pain medicine, and working through the pain can cause further strain on your injury.

If you notice these signs, reach out to a physical therapist in your area to discuss your options. If you are having extreme pain or cannot properly function as an effect of an injury, check in with your doctor first.

How to Contact a Physical Therapist

It is common for people to worry about a new experience, especially when it related to their heath. Physical therapy, however, is nothing to fear!

While you can get a recommendation for a physical therapist through your primary care doctor, it isn’t necessary. Feel free to reach out to a physical therapist directly if you are having minor pain or questions about your health.

Tips for Relieving Plantar Fasciitis Pain At Home

Pursuing Physical Therapy

In general, if you are having long-lasting pain that you are unable to control, it would be smart to check in with a physical therapist. Even if nothing comes from the visit, it is better to check before anything gets worse.

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