Follow These Tips From Top Optometrists To Protect Your Eyesight

protecting our eyes

Protecting our eyesight is one of the very basic things that we can do in order to maintain a good quality of life. One is every six adults deal with a sight-threatening eye disease and even many more than that experience increasing vision loss with increasing age. The leading causes of blindness, as well as low vision, are age-related diseases like diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma, muscular degeneration, etc. The top optometrists provide the following tips in order to help us fight against these diseases.

Protecting Your Eyes From UV Rays

The top optometrists always suggest protecting our eyes from the sun but doing that is not always as simple as grabbing a pair of cheap sunglasses. In order to receive the real UV protection, you need to ensure that any pair of sunglasses that you purchase blocks 100 percent of UV-A and UV-B rays. An optometrist can suggest the best vision glasses and the updated power lenses that you require for vision correction.

Paying Proper Attention To Any Small Or Big Change In Your Vision

At any point when you notice any kind of change in your vision, then you should not ignore it under any circumstances. You should schedule an eye appointment without any fail. The very obvious symptoms of changes in vision are red eyes, flashes of light, eye swelling or pain, a sudden increase in the number of floaters that you see, etc. which may indicate that there is a serious eye problem that requires immediate attention from a qualified optometrist. You can talk to your nearest doctor like the general physician and other doctors and get the list of optometrists in your area.


Finding The Probable Causes Of Your Eye Disease Risk Factors

You need to necessarily check if you have any family history of eye diseases. Also, you need to check whether you have high blood pressure or diabetes. Are you older than 65 or an African-American over the age of 40? These are some of the major factors which contribute to a person’s risk of developing sight-threatening conditions. So, this is very crucial to be fully aware of these & adjust your eye exam schedule accordingly.

Scheduling Regular Eye Exams

Prevention & early detection are indeed very critical in the treatment & minimizing the effects of eye diseases. The regular eye exams are indeed often the difference between permanent vision loss & being able to successfully save a patient’s sight. The frequency that you should opt for taking eye exams depends on the risk factors that you have. However, the frequency should be at least once every two years.

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Scheduling Regular Physical Exams

The physical exams might not be related to healthy eyesight in the first place, but our eyes can potentially be affected by chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure if they are not being treated on time. Diabetes, particularly, can lead to a medical condition called diabetic retinopathy & muscular degeneration.  Option for a doctor’s consultation on a regular basis will facilitate you in keeping yourself away from such dreaded diseases.

Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Last but not least, you can help in protecting your eyesight by simply living a healthy lifestyle. Consuming healthy foods which include fruits and leafy greens will promote good eye health. You should also go for regular physical exercises and avoid bad habits like smoking. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are three of the most common problems that people suffer from, and your optometrist can give you the right lifestyle modification list for that.

In order to protect your eyesight in a healthy condition for your entire lifetime, you should ideally follow all the above tips from the top optometrists religiously.