There are many ways to make OSRS GP in Old School Runescape. Among them, the most common are selling materials you gathered or crafting items. One way of getting the former is by taking down bosses. They’re not exactly easy, but if they were, the items you’d be getting from them would be worthless. So, whether you plan to keep the money or put up OSRS gold for sale, here are your targets.


A large red spider living in the east of Wilderness Bone Yard, Venenatis is believed to be the last of her kind after they were hunted down by dwarves. Unfortunately, you, adventurer, will have to kill this sole survivor in order to get the Treasonous Ring, which can fetch up to 400,000 OSRS gold at the Grand Exchange.

A rarer but pricier drop would be the Dragon Pickaxe, which is at 4 million. Another is the Onyx Bolt, which has way better drops and is priced at 500,000.

We started with Venenatis because she’s one of the easier bosses in the list. With decent gear, you should have no problem farming her over and over again.

Daggonoth Kings

Lore-wise, the Dagganoth Kings are pretty cool. While Venenatis is the last of her kind, these three are the strongest of theirs. Thus, it should be no surprise that while they’re not exactly difficult, it helps a lot to have a friend or two if you want to take them out. This is because each of them has a unique combat style, so it would be better to nail each of their weaknesses by having your own team. After all, it’s only fair that you get your team, since they are one too.

Each of them can drop the Dragon Axe (50,000), Rex drops a Berserker Ring (1.7 million), and Supremer’s Archer ring costs a whopping 3 million gold. With such a high reward, it’s only fair that you split them evenly among your crew.


The opposite of the previous entry would be Zulrah, which can only be confronted alone. It should go without saying that he is by no means, and he has even ended the Ironman runs of many seasoned players back in the day.

Those that do figure him out, however, can kill him up to thirty times an hour. This means the chance of getting the Tanzanite Fang, Magic Fang, and Serpentine Visage, with each one worth 2 million.



Another easy boss on the list is Vorkath. In their own language, his name stands for weakling, and that pretty much speaks for itself. Originally a test subject, he was eventually abandoned on the island he’s in because he’s not exactly a malevolent and destructive dragon.

Because he’s so easy, it’s possible to kill him up to 30 times an hour if you have the right skills and gear. Aside from the Dragon and Rune equipment you can get from him, he also drops the elusive Draconic Visage, which is worth 2.8 million. The biggest prize you can get from him, however, would be the Skeletal Visage, which only has a 1/5000 chance to drop and therefore worth 14 million.

Abyssal Sire

The Abyssal Sire is one of the more powerful bosses on the list, as players have to reach level 85 Slayer in order to, well, slay him. It’s only right for him to be as such, as they are the engineers of the Abysses they have created. And because they existed before the God Wars, it should be no surprise that these Sires, these engineers, are vastly powerful.

But with constant practice, a player can kill him thirty times in an hour, which should be enough to improve the RNG to get its most sought-after drops such as Abyssal whips (2.4 million), Abyssal daggers (3.3 million), and a piece of the Abyssal bludgeon. When completed, the bludgeon is worth a whopping 23.6 million.

Nightmare of Ashihama

Last but definitely not least would be The Nightmare of Ashihama, one of the more recent bosses added to the game. It’s also become the biggest OSRS money making ever since its introduction. Located in Morytania’s Sisterhood Sanctuary, it is a malevolent and powerful entity that consumes the life energy of those sleeping by giving them nightmares, and later on devour their souls.

Mechanics-wise, she’s a multi-fight boss that can be taken on by up to 80 players. Four, however, is enough and even ideal, provided that you all already know the ropes. Each team will have a chance at two unique table rolls – that means two rewards, and each of them are worth a fortune. Inquisitor’s armor pieces are worth 122-192 million, the Inquisitor’s Mace 536 million, and if you are lucky, the Harmonised Orb is worth over 845 million.

Now that you know your bounties, it’s time for you to make a killing. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get rich or keep dying trying.