With all of the time people have been spending at home recently, many of them have taken to finding new ways to make their home and property more fun and versatile. One of the biggest examples of this is how homeowners and residents everywhere are transforming their backyards into recreational and entertainment areas.

There are several ways of doing this, depending on what you and your families’ preferences are for your exterior property. The main thing is having an area that not only serves its function properly, but that is also comfortable and inviting. Here a few ideas for how to create your perfect backyard for family gatherings:

Build a BBQ Area

This is first on the list because it is usually the most popular way to make a big transformation with stuff that you most likely already have. Chances are you own some type of BBQ grill or pit. If you also have an outdoor seating area already in place, you can combine the two, add an outdoor dining table, a patio cooler to keep drinks cold and some kind of shade or netting and you’re done!

Screen-In Your Porch

Speaking of netting and screens, if you have a large porch (especially a wrap-around) simply enclosing it with a screen could turn it from a boring, unused part of your property to a fun, outdoor social area. You can add tables and chairs, TVs or stereos, and many other items or accessories to make this a great place to hang out.

Adirondack Chairs Around a Fire

Fire Pit

There are few things quite as relaxing (or memorizing) as sitting around a fire under the light of the moon. Whether it’s a pit to keep you warm in the winter or a makeshift bonfire on a sultry summer night, Adirondack chairs are the ideal seating arraignment. They have a distinct and stylish look and they are available in so many different designs, colors, and materials that finding the perfect fit for your backyard décor should be no trouble at all.

Equip Your Deck or Patio Area With Seating and Shade

Why just keep letting your deck or patio sit there without being put to good use? People enjoy having somewhere to sit or stand comfortably when they go outside. With just a little bit of effort and expense, you can set up places for your family (or other guests) to lounge around and relax in total comfort, all while still getting some fresh air and sunshine at the same time. You may also need a new front deck when your old deck is outdated, or you want a unique patio experience to enjoy birds in the mornings. Investing in a deck for your home is a wise investment that will provide you with lots of enjoyment all year long.

All you really need is some decent outdoor furniture. Chairs are essential but a table might not be, particularly if you don’t plan on using the area for dining. Although you can shade an entire table with one large umbrella, if you stick only to chairs each one will need its own cover. This is unless you opt for a massive covering to go over the entire space.

Turn Your Outdoor Social Area into a Cabana


If you already have an area in your backyard which is intended to host gatherings but it needs a little work, converting it into a cabana setting is a choice you can’t go wrong with. Everybody likes the relaxing vibes and mellow atmosphere of a cabana. If you have a good place to create a gathering area but it just doesn’t have any character or esthetic value, pick up a few cabana umbrellas, some tiki torches, and maybe a fake palm tree or two!