Our society has been completely altered during the past two decades, as the Internet and other forms of technology have led to a shift in how the world works. As the world has become more connected with the Internet, there have been a myriad of changes that have positively impacted numerous facets of our civilization. While there have been a myriad of transformations in recent years, one of the most substantial alterations has been throughout the healthcare field. Healthcare has changed quite a bit throughout the 21st century, and many new technologies have aided patients. Although there are many different types of healthcare subsects, one of the most important and widely utilized fields has become physical therapy. Physical therapy offices help patients with injuries or chronic pain, with a multitude of different exercises and stretching techniques.

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Understanding the Physical Therapy Field

Physical therapy has experienced massive growth throughout the 21st century, and this has enabled for numerous innovative facets throughout the field. Physical therapists have the ability to aid patients who need help with physical ailments, and new techniques are leading to better care throughout the industry. Operating a PT office in the modern era is not as simple as it once was; there are many regulations that need to be followed, and one of the most important of these is filing of progress notes. Physical therapy progress notes are incredibly important, and learning about implementing them into your practice is essential for your business’ success.

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Understanding Physical Therapy Progress Notes

If you want to ensure that your physical therapy practice is compliant with all regulations, then you need to follow the guidelines set out by Medicare for physical therapy progress notes. Progress notes are needed throughout the industry for Medicare to ensure that the care you give to patients is deemed medically necessary. The term medically necessary has numerous parts defined by Medicare, and the two main factors are that your services are helping the patient to improve his or her ailments, as well as that maintenance therapy is maintaining, slowing, or preventing more deterioration. The progress notes you fill out need to be clearly written and need to describe how the treatment you are providing fits the criteria of the definition of medical necessity. These progress notes have to be filled out once every 10 visitations for each patient, and also have numerous other conditions that need to be met as well. Some of these other criteria include assessments of improvement, objective measurements like functional and impairment testing, describing change relative to each goal being addressed, any changes to goals, the beginning and end dates of the reporting period, and more. All of this information is critical for your progress notes, and failure to comply with these standards will bring devastating consequences to your practice.

Final Thoughts

Operating a physical therapy practice requires a significant amount of following criteria, and filling out progress notes are one of the most important elements you need to adhere to. Understanding progress notes and how they aid your company is essential for your practice.