Out in Front Lung Transplant Under Top Surgeons of India

Lung Transplant

India is amongst the top four countries performing successful organ transplantation. The doctors in the country excel in delivering even the most complicated organ transplant procedures that is the heart and lung transplant.

Not all countries have facilities and equipment for the same. On the contrary, the Lung Transplant Surgeon in India makes use of the latest technology that enhances the possibility of the success of the treatment and also decreases the chances of any complications after the surgery.

The lung transplant services started very late in India, that is approximately two decades ago. However, as per the results of the present scenario; the country is the third most visited centre for a lung transplant procedure across the globe. Above all, the success rate of the treatment is more than 90%.

Looking at the success rate, the count for the number of medical tourists visiting India every year is increasing.

What Are the Unique Services Offered By the Lung Transplant Surgeons in India?

When it is about medical surgeries, it is better to choose the best surgeon or else to be prepared for expecting the worst result.

Lung transplant procedures may critically affect your heart, and if the surgery is not performed correctly, then it may even prove to be fatal.

The surgeons in India give personal attention to every patient. Before performing any treatment, the doctor starts with a complete diagnosis of the overall health of the patient and not just the lungs.

It is essential to analyse if the patient is fit for undergoing Lung Transplantation.


● Depending on the medical reports, cardiologists and other specialised medical professionals carry out the in-depth analysis, and then the procedure of treatment is decided.
● The top doctors first try to provide the medical cure using the medication, and if the patient does not have a positive response to the treatment, then they opt for a lung transplant.
● After the lung transplant, the doctors do not leave the patient like that but keep the patient under surveillance until complete recovery.
● During the recovery period, along with the surgeon, the complete medical team is there to assist and guide the patient. Right from medication, exercise and diet; the patient is under full monitoring.
● If the patient does not recover, then the doctor suggests for a rehabilitation centre. In any case, the doctor continues with the monitoring process until the patient is back to normal health and return to his country safely.
● Even if the patient travels back to his own country after the lung transplant, the doctors are always ready to serve the patient with the follow-up online whenever required.

Final Words:

Dr K.R Balakrishnan is one of the Best Lung Transplant Doctor in India who has solved the maximum number of complicated lung transplant cases. However, there are a few others too who hardly fail in performing lung transplant surgery.

So, if you are suffering from end-stage lung diseases, then you can plan your healthcare travel to India. In case you come across any difficulty in getting an appointment or with visa you can approach medical tourism companies in the country who will make all the necessary arrangements for your treatment.