It’s already May. How did that happen? This week I got to wondering about May Day – for some reason I thought it had something to do with the military which, after some Wikipedia-diving, is apparently totally, utterly wrong. In fact, it’s closer to Seinfeld than it is the military.

Seinfeld festivus

Which leads me to this week’s topic – facts. My family did a TED Circle this week, where we hopped on yet another video platform, watched a TED talk, and then had a great discussion with strangers across the country. The topic was: What if we replaced our elected officials with random people, like they did in ancient Greece? While I’m not here to debate the pros and cons of this practice – known as ‘sortition’ – I came down on the side of “No, I don’t want my cousin, who firmly believes sun burns come from how hot it is outside rather than UV exposure, deciding policy.”

Then, while in a meeting with an integrative neurologist, I explained that Jetson is supremely focused on facts and science. We discussed treatments for various neurological conditions – including mine – and how I followed both a clinically validated regimen as well as one that was, let’s call it, clinically directional. While the clinically validated regimen certainly slowed my disease progression, it was the clinically directional treatment that actually boosted my quality of life. If I had ONLY trusted clinically validated facts, I would have been missing out.

So it comes down to this: Facts matter. Science matters. But context matters as well. If you can’t see the whole picture, your facts might not be as absolute as you think. If you have only ever experienced water as boiling, being convinced that a clear liquid that wouldn’t burn you even exists would be a tough putt.


All this is to say, Jetson encourage you to embrace science and facts. But allow for the discomfort that occasionally comes from acknowledging that your world view just might not be expansive enough to hold them so tightly. So go ahead and read this book.

In the meantime, here are some great facts:

Do Fruits and Vegetables Stay Fresh in Corrugated Boxes? 2

Lastly, check out the NON-LECTURE on leafy greens. Remember, you literally can’t eat too many. And for those of you who are riding out this pandemic somewhere other than your house (aka you’re sleeping in your childhood bedroom at your parents’) you can temporarily change your address so you don’t have a 3-week-old Jetson package sitting on your doorstep when you return.

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