CrossFit is a training program that uses high-intensity, mixed with strength and conditioning that can help people at all levels of fitness. People of all sizes, shapes and fitness can improve their health and fitness in a challenging, fun and motivational environment. Many places use CrossFit as part of their training program, police, military, professional athletes and more. The point behind the program is intense fitness sessions that are inclusive and general, not specialised.

There are ten general physical areas it covers, stamina, cardiovascular, strength, power, balance, agility, speed, flexibility, accuracy and coordination. If you are looking for a training program that is more varied, and more challenging then look for gyms that offer CrossFit Perth located.

For any individual committed to fitness

It might look like something that is only for the super-fit, ready in their ActiveWearX! But the program is scalable. Anyone with a commitment to the process can try it, and it can scale up or down depending on their current fitness and ability. Seniors can use CrossFit to stay healthy and active as can cage fighters. The program does not change, the intensity and the load changes. It is one workout.


If that day’s workout says you need to do barbell squats using 135 pounds but you are not able to lift that yet, then it scales to where you are. One day you will not need to scale it down as you will be there. If you have an injury that makes it impossible to do squats right now a different movement can be used or the amount can be reduced until you have recovered. Attending CrossFit Perth or anywhere is something you can do.

Examples of who will love CrossFit

1. Beginners to weight training – Not having done any lifting does not mean you cannot do well with CrossFit. Look for a great gym with coaches who can teach you so you can learn how to do the important lifts in an environment you feel comfortable in and supported.

2. People who want a tight-knit community – If you want a gym that is also a community of people who support each other and draw inspiration from each other, then CrossFit could be a great fit. To top CrossFit gyms you are more than just a paid membership.

3. People who enjoy working out and want to regularly – CrossFit is generally 3 days of workouts and then a day off for recovery but many do it more because they love it.

4. Those who love the extra challenge it poses – CrossFit encourages people to finish earlier, and push harder.

5. Athletes from all kinds of fields – Athletes look to do CrossFit Perth as they are used to teamwork, competition and hard training and CrossFit is something they enjoy because it offers all of that and more.

Who CrossFit might be harder for


So while it could be for everyone, some people might struggle with it or have an additional hurdle or two to overcome compared to others. These include;
1. People who want to specialise in one area of fitness – for example, if you are looking to just learn to lift and become a powerlifter, CrossFit is not the best schedule for you as it is more general.
2. Athletes still focused on sport-specific training – this is not true for all athletes but some might find it better to get a coach for their specific sport to progress in it, especially if you are competing in it.
3. People who enjoy training by themselves – if you are not looking for a community, interactions, and group training in your ActiveWearX, then CrossFit is not for you.