For surfers and paddleboarders who prefer to bike their way to the nearest beach instead of having to drive there and find somewhere to park, it can be challenging to bring along your board with you without it getting in the way as you ride. Fortunately, with the right equipment, it is possible to secure your paddleboard onto your women’s cruiser bike or other types of bicycles.

Options for Carrying a Paddleboard on a Bike

Depending on your preference and bike setup, there are several ways you can take a paddleboard or surfboard with you to the beach. While a beach cruiser bike with a basket can hold all your other beach essentials, such as your water, some snacks, your towel, and a bottle of sunscreen, you’ll need more than just a basket to transport an entire board. A paddleboard bike rack or trailer are two options to consider.

Paddle Board Bike Rack

A SUP bike rack is one of the most popular methods used to carry your paddleboard on your bicycle. These racks can be located on either the side or back of the bike. Some models will hold the board in a horizontal position while others hold the board upright. A model that holds the paddleboard in a vertical position can make it easier to navigate through traffic.


When buying a rack, you will want to consider how secure the rack is, including if it clips your board into place. If not, you will want to use bungee cords to keep your board from falling off. Additionally, you need to make sure you find a rack that is compatible with the size, thickness, and length of your board. You also need to check that the rack can be used with your bike, which will depend on the size and type of bike you have. Ensure durable materials are used, such as stainless steel or aluminum. Adjustable arms, foam padding, paddle holders, clamps, and an easy installation process are all other features to look for.

Paddleboard Trailer

A second option to consider is a paddleboard bike trailer. Rather than carry the board on the bike, a trailer tows the board behind the bike. This a good option when paired with the best electric bike for surfing. The front of the board is often secured to the back of the bike and wheels are attached to the far end of the board so it can roll with you as you ride. This method can make it harder to maneuver on windy or busy roads. However, the installation process is often very simple and can accommodate almost any board size. Many trailers can also detach while keeping the wheels on the board, so you can easily pull your board to the water by hand after you park your bike.


Fortunately, just because you have your paddleboard doesn’t mean your only option is to drive to the beach. Grab the proper rack or trailer that fits your cruiser or electric bike and you can carry your board with you without a hitch.