The global COVID-19 pandemic we’ve been facing since 2020 has certainly brought about many changes we didn’t see coming. The safety measures that were established, in the form of lockdowns and mask-wearing, affected many of us as we found ourselves spending more time than ever before inside our abodes.


While this was okay in terms of social distancing, it wasn’t exactly working out in favour of our physical well-being. Not surprisingly, many found cycling to be the best form of exercise in times like these, which manifested itself in a cycling boom in Australia, as opposed to the decline in public transport and motor vehicle traffic.

Apart from this being at the benefit of individuals and families who chose to welcome it in their lifestyles, it’s also proven to be quite beneficial for those into the cycling business which turns to be of great importance for the Australian economy. For instance, famous bike brands like Giant saw an increase in the demand in Australia, and the same goes for the retailers specialised in Giant mountain bike accessories and components.


Shop from An Extensive Inventory of Bikes and Supplies

You’re in luck if you’re searching for the ideal bike for your pandemic cycling needs because the market is full of leading brands such as Giant available at various trustworthy retailers offering great deals on outstanding models and features. What’s so special about this brand in particular is the fact they provide a vast array of bikes and products to pick from to help you make the most of your cycling experience and personalize the rides to your advantage.

From the road, hybrid, e-bikes, mountain bikes in a wide range of colours and a separate brand of women’s bikes called Liv, to bits and pieces of functional and stylish Giant mountain bike accessories that would come in handy when you’re on the road or rugged terrains – you certainly aren’t out of options. This includes saddles and tubes, as much as bells, pedals, rechargeable lights, saddlebags and backpacks, and helmets that were created to give you peace of mind regarding safety. Of course, in addition to socks, shorts and waterproof jerseys out of clothing.

Why Choose Giant?

They aren’t considered to be the best among the best for no reason. As a company established in 1972, with the focus on quality, it didn’t take long for them to grow into a brand with worldwide domination in the realms of cycling. Maintaining the values of implementing advanced technology to create bikes and bike-related products of quality has always been their forte.

The perfect example for this would be their own CADEX carbon fibre design and the “compact geometry” solution for the road bikes which became popular throughout the industry. As they’re Taiwan based, the brand that started as an OEM is able to manufacture their products in a shorter amount of time as opposed to that of the competitors and put them on the market at lower costs.

In translation, you’d be able to come across bikes and supplies that stand up to those of the competition in terms of durability, yet you get to pay a lower price for them. This, in a combination with convenient lifetime warranty for most of their frames (excluding the three-year warranty of downhill designs), means you’d have your money well-spent with what this brand has to offer, be it the Giant mountain bike accessories, parts, or the bikes themselves.

Not to mention, this name is closely tied to remarkable features, such as transmission and lateral stiffness, superior braking and efficiency thanks to their own core suspension technology, lightweight design, and outstanding aerodynamics. All this put together to give you great speed control and balance even with tougher rides with the implementation of the Giant WheelSystems created to assist with the sprinting, climbing, cornering and descending.


The Most Popular Giant Bike Models

No matter what you’re buying the bike for, Giant have got it all.

The Escape

Those who want to combine the bike for rides on rough terrains, as well as roads, would do a great purchase opting for this one. As a hybrid model, it’s got a road frame with mountain bike tyres and a flat bar, perfect for an individual that’s into fitness and commuting with cycling. Pair it with the adequate Giant bike accessories Australia retailers specialise in and you can count on unforgettable rides.

The Defy

In case you’re buying for commuting solely, and you require a bike that endures what you put it through, look no further than this model. Besides the quick acceleration, you’d be able to get a good and easy handling.

The AnyRoad

If you’re up for rides on mixed terrains, this is the bike for you. The large tyres can handle anything, hence the name. Depending on whether you want an aluminium frame, or a carbon one, you can pick either the AnyRoad or the AnyRoad CoMax.

The Contend

Great as a starting bike, it’s equipped with a long and stable wheelbase that makes the rides all the more comfortable and enjoyable. Add to this the tall frame, and you have a model that’s made for speed too.


What Does Cycling as a Form of Exercise Offer Us?

Now that you’re settled on the Giant bikes, and Giant bike accessories and components, let’s discuss why you should make cycling your primary hobby. With gyms being closed, many were left with barely any means of exercise until they resorted to this activity which happens to be ideal for being out and about while at a distance from others.

Besides the fact it’s cheap and a great way of transport that doesn’t harm the environment, allowing you to make it from point A to point B without worrying about carbon footprint, it’s also beneficial for strengthening the muscles, as well as giving the immune system a boost. This is perfect if you want to prevent colds and the flu.

While you cycle, you breathe deeper, you get a good blood supply, and you inhale more oxygen. As a result, you get improved health and well-being, partly thanks to being exposed to the sun and getting more vitamin D which in turn boosts the mood and improves sleep. In other words, cycling can help you get better shut-eye and turn you into the life of every party.

All in all, it’s healthy and fun, so you’ve got plenty of reasons to make it your primary physical activity, be it for commuting or recreation. Grab your favourite Giant bike and start cycling! You’d be more than glad to, and your health would thank you for it later.