When you see lists of the outdoor sports that get you ripped, that give your core a high intensity work out, and which push your mind, body and soul to the limit, it’s fair to say that fishing is never going to be too near the top. However, the health benefits of fishing should not be overlooked. There are clear rewards to be gained from getting out there with your rod and your bait, both in terms of body and mind. More and more people are beginning to realize that fishing, in all its different forms, is a fantastic way to stay active, stay healthy, and stay happy. Here are a few reasons why.

It Is A Physical Activity

Just because you’re not running up a steep hill, doesn’t mean that you’re not exercising when you go fishing. From hauling your gear to the perfect spot to wading out into the open water, it’s an activity that gets your body moving and your pulse racing. Obviously, there’s a difference between drinking in a deck chair by a slow-moving river and striding out into freezing cold rivers to cast your fly-fishing line over and over again, but it is an excellent form of exercise that is the perfect accompaniment to any fitness regimen.

It Gets You Out Of The House

This goes without saying, doesn’t it, but it’s vital not to overlook how important getting some fresh air and sunlight is to your wellbeing. There are plenty of physical exercises that you can do at home, but the benefits of being outdoors are enormous. Vitamin D keeps us healthy and happy, and helps to improve your immune system. Fill those lungs with fresh air, not the musty old stuff from your heater.

It Makes You Part Of A Community


Like any good hobby, fishing can be as social or solitary as you want it to be, but one of the great joys about it is that, simply by getting interested and getting involved, you are joining a community of people who share your passion. You’ll notice when you’re looking for the right bit of kit that you’ll be dealing with family-run businesses who hand-craft their items, from rods to tungsten jigs. Custom Jigs & Spins, for example, has been in the game for over 30 years and has a wealth of tournament-winning hand-crafted equipment, tungsten ice jigs included!

It’s Good For Your Mental Health

We mentioned the physical benefits of getting out of the house and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, but anyone who fishes will tell you that there is nothing like the peace of mind you can find when you’re out there in those beautiful green (or frozen!) spaces doing what you love. Not only are you required to stop worrying about all your day to day problems and focus on the matter at hand, but being near water and in nature is its own kind of meditation and will help you re-order the issues and anxieties that have been troubling you, and find that mindfulness. Looking after your mental health has been so important this year, and going fishing is a fantastic way to take care of yourself.