Do you love your body shape? Many people are guilty of their bodies due to eating junk foods and having fewer exercises. Gaining a good body shape may sound time-wasting but investing in it has positive results. If you need a perfect body shape you can take a body shape test; here are the tips for applying daily.

Daily Exercise

You need to exercise daily for at least one hour. The exercise shouldn’t be hectic and cumbersome but a moderate physical activity. If you need to lose weight quickly, then try a high-level intensity workout. You can opt for walking for at least an hour or jog in intervals as you sprint within one hour. The exercise has to be painless. After the training, you will experience joint and muscle pains. It’s normal as it shows the body is changing for the better. Stay hydrated, stretch and eat foods with proper proteins. Proteins help your muscles to stay put and not fat.


Take The Right Foods With Correct Portions

No matter how hungry you are, eat healthy food and not candies, junk food or sweets. Sugars from sweets and candy don’t help in gaining your desired body shape. Always go for vegetables and fruits. Apples are good at keeping a stomach full for up to four hours. Green vegetables like broccoli and beans keep the digestive system running and clean.

Use lean meats like chicken and turkey. Plates of seafood are also lavish, like tilapia and shrimp. The protein content and healthy nutrients in these foods keep muscles fit and ready.

Try as much as possible to plan your meals. Instead of opting for three big meals in a day, go for six meals in smaller portions. It will ease the body’s metabolism. You will have smooth breathing than puffing and huffing for air.

Track Calories Intake In Every Food Every Day

Knowing the number of calories, you take in a day will help you plan your training every day. Bodybuilders have enormous bodies because they track all the calories they take daily. They plan their meals and take in more calories than ordinary people in a day.

If you need to reduce your body weight, you must operate contrary to what bodybuilders do. Take in fewer calories and carry out heavy exercises.

Have Enough Sleep

Most people have tight work schedules. It, thus, becomes hard to get adequate sleep to enable the body to recharge. It’s recommendable that you sleep between six to eight hours daily. If you feel tired and sleepy during the day, you take small naps after work and before exercise. The naps you have within the day shouldn’t exceed half an hour. If you overreach, then it’s possible to stay awake later in the night for lack of sleep.

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Be Motivated

It’s always good to stay motivated and optimistic in everything you undertake. It would help if you had an excellent body shape, stay put, and motivated to achive it. Motivation helps you to push yourself to achieve the body fitness you need. Body pain, fatigue, and other destructors that might arise along the way won’t disrupt you.

Eat Balanced Diets

Eat a balanced diet. Take carbohydrates (found in grains), proteins, dairy, vegetables, and fruits. Your whole food should have 30 percent of grains. Vegetables and fruits should take 30 percent.

The Lean protein takes 15 percent and 40 percent if calories are low in carbohydrates. Limit all unhealthy fats, carbs, and sugar.


The type of body shape you desire is within your reach. You only need resilience, motivation, and a positive mind to work towards it. For you to pass a body shape test, train hard! Enjoy your training period!