Everyone is feeling bored and irritable while under lockdown, the repetitiveness of staying at home all day can be bad for your health, especially psychologically. You can end up feeling lethargic and even a bit depressed if you do not keep yourself occupied. One way to keep yourself motivated is by making a list of all the activities you are going to do once you get out of lockdown. Every time you think of an activity to do, you can add it to a jar and by the end of this horrible, yet necessary lockdown, you will have a bunch of ideas to choose from.

The best activities to include are sports that you can play outdoors. You will appreciate them even more because you couldn’t play them indoors.


If you enjoy competitiveness, but do not like contact sports, you can add golf to the list of things to do after your lockdown is over. Golf is a game that requires focus and patience, as well as having the right equipment. The best thing about golf is the fact that when playing, you are surrounded by greenery and you can have fun with friends or if you prefer, you can play alone. You can easily research what kind of club would work best for you as a beginner, intermediate or professional. Based on what experts say at https://theleftrough.com/best-hybrid-golf-clubs/ you need to be honest with yourself about your level if you want to find the right hybrid golf club for you. Since because of the lockdown, you have time on your hands, you can easily look up what kind of golf clubs would work best for you and even order them online so that you can start playing immediately after lockdown is over.


cycling europe

Cycling is an amazing outdoor sport that allows you to take note of the outside world. While cycling is an activity mostly done alone, you could always get in touch with other cyclists after your lockdown ends and have a get-together in which you can all cycle on a preplanned trail. You can check out the 2020 Cyclist Buyer’s Guide for more details.


trekking hiking

If you are a fan of nature, but have not been able to get your dose of scenic beauty since the lockdown started, you can add hiking to the list of outdoor sports you are planning on doing after the lockdown is over. Hiking is amazing and you can even have a picnic at the end of a hike amid the beauty of nature.



If you have some excess energy after being cooped up for so long, you can go to the nearest body of water and go Kayaking. The best thing about kayaking is that no matter what kind of body of water you have near you, it is possible to kayak. Of course, each body of water will require a different type of kayak, however, the concept of kayaking does not change whether you plan on kayaking in the ocean, sea, river or even a lake.


How to choose the best basketball for your teen?

This sport can be played anywhere with an open area and a simple basketball hoop. You can even install a hoop in your driveway if it is big enough to handle a basketball game. After the lockdown is over, you can invite some of your friends over for a friendly basketball game or even have a friendly neighborhood game to raise the neighborhood’s spirit after self-isolating for a long time.


Professional Soccer Player

Soccer, or football in the rest of the world, is one of the most popular outdoor sports for a reason. You don’t need anything except a ball and a few friends to have a fun soccer match amongst yourselves. If you enjoy playing soccer, you can also look for a local team that you could join later on.

Flag Football

Who doesn’t love playing American football? It requires energy, tact, and swiftness as well as the ability to tackle other players. Flag football is a bit tamer than actual American football since instead of tackling, the defense has to remove a flag or flag belt from the opposition, which does not make the game any less competitive but it does make for fewer injuries and concussions sustained.

All you have to do now is to stay safe inside until this lockdown is over, and you will have eight outdoor sports to try out. Until that time comes, you can research each sport more thoroughly to ensure that you know all the rules and can win against others when you finally get the chance to go outside.