Surfing is all about catching the waves in the water and getting an amazing feeling on top of blue water. However, there is one thing that comes on the top priority list is personal safety. You know how dangerous open water can be if you are unable to swim or hold your board.

Are you interested to make your surfing fun and exciting without making mistakes?

Then be prepared to hit the beach as we have collected some tips for you to ensure you are fully packed to stand on the water by kicking off the frustration.

Get a leg leash board

First of all, you should get yourself the right board that you think will make your balance better. Many professionals prefer big boards for beginners since they are in the stage of learning to paddle and catch the waves.

Make sure you buy an advanced surfboard from online surfboards NZ with a leg leash on it so you will not lose by falling from the board. If you have rented a surfboard and it doesn’t have any leg leash then you have to bring one with wing foils when you go surfing. Without a leash, you will be pulled out to the sea by a strong wave or find your board floating away from you.

Apply water-resistant sunscreen

The next thing you should never forget is the sunscreen which is water resistant to the beach. Meanwhile, on a board in the water, you will also have sun exposure most of the time.

Find a sunscreen for your skin according to SPF and UV protection that doesn’t wash away in the water. If you have a standard sunscreen, apply it an hour before you go in the water otherwise it will end up washing off in the water.


Practice swimming in the ocean

If you haven’t visited the beach for long, take some time out and practice your swimming in the ocean before going straight for the surfing. This will allow you to learn the key skills of surfing once you study how the waves break.

Another benefit of practicing your swimming will let you acquainted with the ocean water movements to maintain safety.

Proper workout

Surfing is an art that requires a lot of physical energy and focuses to maintain balance over the water. Even if the water is calm, your body will be in the condition of beating between paddling and falling.

Do your workout regularly to ensure your body and muscles are primed for surfing. Hire a trainer for the workout so your upper and lower body is fully prepared.

Follow your instructor

If you want to make your surfing experience fun and full of enjoyment, then do follow your instructor or experienced friend. They will examine your surfing skills and tell you when you will be ready for certain waves.

Don’t ignore advice as they are helping you to not get yourself hurt and become frustrated to quit surfing. If they stop you from paddling in a certain area, be all ears because they are trained to find the dangerous currents in the water.