Most martial artists don’t think twice about what age is best to start their children in the sport. This is because experience has shown that kids who begin young develop vital skills, discipline, and confidence — even if they eventually quit.

The question “am I too old for martial arts?” is one of the first things most adults ask. But is it always better to start early? Or are there benefits associated with beginning later?

You must know that starting at a young age isn’t inherently better than beginning during adolescence or even adulthood. There are benefits to each.

Description of Different Martial Arts Ages

Townsville MMA schools (Mixed Martial Arts schools) generally offer beginner programs for children between the ages of six and nine years old. These programs introduce students to the basics.

There is usually a strong emphasis on discipline and respect, as well as exercise and physical fitness. Some schools even offer after-school and summer programs for students of this age group.

At ages ten and up, learners will learn beginner courses at their martial arts school. Students are expected to start learning the form of their discipline, with only a few strikes and blocks being taught at this age.

Ages 11 through 13 are usually when most children benefit from more in-depth training. Here, they learn more complex techniques in greater detail. This is also when they begin to participate in tournaments if they are so inclined.

Ages 14 through 18 are usually when training becomes more intense. This is mainly because students have a better understanding of their discipline and can demonstrate it better. At this age, students usually begin to train for tournaments or exhibitions within their school or organization.


People between the ages of 19 through 21 are usually at the most intense level of training. They are expected to know their form well and apply it during sparring or self-defense situations. At this age, students are often pushed to compete in tournaments and championships, showing off what they have learned so far.

The next stage is where things start to get complicated. Adults between the ages of 22 and 30 learn what the discipline is really about. They refine their form, practice more realistic moves, and develop solid strategies for competition.

An individual over the age of 31 will often be referred to as a master by others in their organization or school. This means he has mastered his form. However, there is no set age at which a martial artist becomes a master. It all depends on their abilities and how well they can demonstrate them.

What Is Age Best for Martial Arts?

Some students benefit more than others from beginning earlier rather than later. However, while most people debate the question, “am I too old for martial arts?”, it is important to remember that practice, discipline, and perseverance are more important factors than age.

To sum up, you don’t necessarily have to begin your martial arts training at a young age. In many cases, teens and adults who join a school or organization late in life have the opportunity to learn more quickly and become highly competent in a shorter period than their younger counterparts.