Folding bikes are an absolute blessing in disguise – not only are they super convenient, they are easy to carry around and relieve you of the stress of carrying around something bulky with you. Whether your new year resolution is to move around this year and really focus on your health or if you simply enjoy fresh air and going places without a car – a folding bike is just the thing for you.

Folding bikes have gained a lot of popularity during the last few years and their small frame and wheels make them ideal for women to use and ride. While folding bikes aren’t of much use if you have to ride long distances or run a marathon, they are definitely very useful in other instances and have a lot of advantages when compared to their regular counterparts. And with the wide range of folding bike accessories available, it is also hassle-free to customize the bikes to their specific usage needs.

The following guide summarizes a few reasons why folding bikes are an absolute blessing for woman all over:

folding bike

1. Folding bikes are portable and very convenient

Folding bikes are very convenient and portable especially when you consider the little space they occupy. Whether you are travelling to another city and would like to ride your bike there or whether you have parking issues and have to take your bike inside your home every light – a folding bike is convenient in every instance. For people who don’t live in safe neighborhoods and fear locking up their bike outside, they can easily bring their folding bikes inside their homes. Folding bikes are also easily mounted on a Thule bike rack if they need to go on a long road trip and go biking in the process.

For people who travel to work or college by a train or a bus, a folding bike is ideal as they can simply travel to the bus or train station by their bike, and fold it to carry with themselves during their commute to college or work. Also, full-sized bikes aren’t allowed on trains or buses mostly but folding bikes are permitted. Hence, despite its few disadvantages, the convenience and ease of using a folding bike is what makes it a popular means of transport, especially for women.

2. Folding bikes are great for small spaces

Their small size and ability to fold over makes folding bikes great for small spaces. With real estate on an all time high, most working class cannot afford bigger apartments with a huge living space. Hence, folding bikes are ideal for such homes and are in fact small home friendly.  For people who park their bikes inside their homes, folding bikes are ideal even in small spaces as you can easily place them under or behind your seating area or on your porch.

When individuals are short of space, they simply cannot afford to let go of precious space and park their regular bikes inside their homes. Hence, Ecosmo folding bike range are preferable in such cases.

3. Folding bikes are quicker

While this isn’t widely known, but folding bikes are in fact much speedier as compared to their regular counterparts. Their light weight and comparatively smaller surface area makes them faster and quicker than conventional bikes. If you are taking part in a race, or whether you are simply commuting to work or college, a folding bike will considerably reduce your commute time due to its speed.

Whether it is a speed run to the grocery store to grab a few necessities, or you simply feel like enjoying some fresh air, folding bikes do greatly. For a quick trip to the grocery store, some folding bikes also come with a basket to carry your required items. The best folding ladiesbike with a basket is available at Ecosmo. The bikes at Ecosmo boast a number of features such as padded seats, comfortable handlebars, comfort grips, front and rear brakes, mudguards, reflectors, a luggage rack and shimano gears. They are ideal for carrying your things back home from the grocery store.

4. Folding bikes have a high resale value

Since folding bikes can be a little expensive, their resale value is pretty good in comparison to their regular counterparts. Folding bikes are truly an investment and if you invest in folding bikes they really do hold up that investment and when you wish to sell them off because of limited use, you are sure to get a respectable amount in return.

Also, since many people can’t afford to buy good quality foldable bikes, they opt to purchase used ones. This too creates a high demand and hence a high resale value of foldable bikes in the market.

5. Folding bikes are super stylish and sleek

Folding bikes come in a lot of shapes and styles and hence there is a design for everyone. Whether you are looking for something funky, retro, vintage or simple – you are sure to find a bike that suits you and represents your true style. You don’t have to compromise on looks when it comes to choosing a folding bike and hence not only would you be riding something convenient, you will also look good doing it.

6. Folding bikes are simple to use

There isn’t a learning curve associated with folding bikes and hence individuals do not have to struggle too much while using their first folding bike. Infact, an individual can get the knack of folding and unfolding in a matter of minutes and then their use will be smooth and without a hiccup. However, when folding and unfolding for the first time, one needs to be a little careful and not be too nervous.

Irrespective of what you may be using your folding bike for – whether you do it for leisure purposes, to exercise, as a hobby, or simply to commute to and from work or college, a folding bike has numerous benefits when compared to its regular counterpart. Especially for women, folding bikes bring with them a number of benefits as they are easier to carry, sleekier, and can easily be taken with them wherever they go. Folding bikes bring with them a different level of convenience and ease that regular bikes could never bring or pose. Also, folding bikes are great space savers and hence can be stored on the go as well.