There is no doubt that the right kind of food constitutes a major role in weight loss. No matter how vigorous workout sessions you might practice, if your diet chart is not up-to mark, all in vain. Being fit is a balance and to be fit, you must have a balanced meal. Food comprises of many things such as carbohydrates, protein, fats, fibres, minerals etc.

Proper quantity of food, proper timing of intake of food and proper nutrients in food can save your day.

To lose weight, you must know that eating less would not help you in losing weight. But what actually is true that we should take a maintained diet with all essential nutrients in the right amount and should take short meals.

Breakfast is a must part of our daily meal. Many people skip breakfast which has very bad results. It leads to an overdose of food in the next meal taken which results in weight gain.

Diet chart for gym

If you are aiming to lose weight, you must follow a specific diet chart for gym according to your physique. It must include all the vital nutrients. We are here proving you with an idea of what a diet chart should comprise of.

Do you know what is the greatest diet tip for weight loss? Drink more water. Yes, you heard that right. You may not realise it but water can do miracles to your body. We are often told to stay hydrated always. It’s because water is essential for all the body functions and processes, which includes digestion and elimination.

When on a diet, water helps you lose weight by reducing your appetite. But as we know, excess of anything is bad.

So, you must know how much water should you consume within a day to stay healthy.

For that, know the amount of water required as per your body physique and use a water tracker to know your daily total consumption of water.

Pre-workout meal

Just as a vehicle needs fuel to run, so does your body needs fuel to work. One should eat one hour before workout and the food should consist of a healthy mixture of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats.

Carbs work as fuel and proteins as building blocks. And if you are thin and have a good metabolism, include some healthy fats in your diet.

During workouts

Whether you are a professional trainee or a juvenile, you must stay hydrated during workout sessions. You don’t need food during one hour or less workout.

Post-workout meal

The working session’s main aim is to break down muscles to grow new muscles. Post-workout food plays an important role in this muscle repairing process.

After a workout, the body immediately starts repairing the tissues with absorbing essential nutrients, whether it’s your arms, chest, legs or any other part.

Your meal must constitute of all those essential nutrients needed to aid in muscle repair and growth.

Spin Bikes

People hit the gym either for gaining or losing weight. Both workout meals constitute of different foods.

Those who are trying to gain weight should

Since thin people have a high metabolism, they need slow-digesting protein which will fulfil their needs all day long. For example, Lean beef has a slow-digesting protein.

Those who are trying to lose weight should have

These people must cut on carbs and beef. Consume fish or eggs instead of them. People with more weight have a slow metabolism, hence they need fast-digesting foods. Avoid, any kind of carbs two hours before sleep.

One must keep in mind that weight loss won’t occur in a night. It takes a lot of effort and moreover, patience. So, don’t give up easily. All you need to do is to stay consistent towards your goals and keep working hard with a great diet chart for gym.