Why are you suffering from jaw pain? By diagnosing the reasons that your jaw is in pain and you are suffering from tension and headaches, you can easily cure the problem. Avoid any long-lasting consequences of jaw pain by diagnosing the problem and then figuring out solutions. One of the most common solutions for jaw pain, headaches, and toothaches is wearing a dental guard. A simple fix can lead to saving thousands in the long run on costly dental procedures and painkillers – avoid doing any unnecessary treatments by wearing a simple dental guard at night.

Learn more about jaw pain – the causes and treatments

One of the main things you need to notice when you suffer from jaw pain is if this is a symptom of something more serious – should you be concerned if you find that your jaw is aching? Avoid any long-lasting health complications by addressing and fixing the problem before it gets any worse. If you find that you are having other symptoms along with your jaw pain, like pressure in your chest, pressure in your throat, heartburn, nausea, lethargic feelings, fatigue, anxiousness, shortness of breath, and headaches, these are all signs that something more serious is going on.

However, most of the time, jaw pain that you are experiencing is a simple symptom that you are teeth grinding at night. Teeth grinding is a very common condition that can occur in persons of all ages and with all types of medical backgrounds. Even if you have had no oral hygiene problems in the past, teeth grinding can cause you to have issues with your mouth, teeth, jaw, and headaches. You can visit the site to learn more about how to fix jaw pain. You may want to first visit Marion Village Dental and have it checked out. Better safe than sorry. They can take a deep look into your teeth and even Xray your jaw to see exactly what’s going on. If the issue is serious and is causing the other symptoms mentioned above, you may need to see a doctor be safe.


One of the most common conditions that can occur from constant teeth grinding is jaw pain that arises from TMJ – the TMJ is the temporomandibular joint and is the part that connects your jaw and your skull. If you find that you are having trouble with opening and closing your jaw, this is typically related to the TMJ – in addition, this can even cause the scary condition of lockjaw. Other signs that something is wrong with your TMJ joint that can lead to inflammation and aches are tenderness around your face and jaw, migraines, earaches, popping when opening your mouth, and trouble opening your mouth.

Teeth grinding can occur from tension, anxiety, stress in your daily life, and being unable to sleep. If you wake up and you find that your tooth enamel is hurting, your gums are sore and inflamed, you constantly have tension headaches and your jaw hurts from chewing and swallowing foods and drinks, then you might be suffering from teeth grinding. But how can you fix this uncomfortable condition? One of the best ways to fix this issue is by wearing a dental night guard.


As you can see, jaw pain can occur from a wide variety of causes. However, one of the most common reasons for jaw pain is teeth grinding. Avoid teeth grinding from causing future problems by wearing a dental night guard.