Although the firmness and texture of the skin deteriorate with age, Morpheus8 can help with these skin problems. Radiofrequency (RF) energy is a cutting-edge, minimally invasive procedure used in Morpheus8 to alter deep tissues by micro needling. The process might improve numerous skin issues. Scarsdale Morpheus8 can also tighten skin, alleviate hyperpigmentation, minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, balance out skin tone and texture, and diminish the appearance of acne scars. Even unsightly stretch marks and enlarged pores may be reduced by using this method. The chin, neck, face, and jowls are common target locations; however, these techniques can be applied practically anywhere on the body. Additionally, you may decide to have loose skin on your thighs, knees, or abdomen treated.

What to anticipate from your Morpheus8 therapy

A topical anesthetic can be used during Morpheus8 to make you more comfortable. The handpiece on the therapy region has 24 pins with silicone coatings that pierce the skin. Bipolar radiofrequency technology is used by Morpheus8 so that energy travels between two poles in the handpiece. Each skin concern’s depth may be adjusted using Morpheus8. Following treatment, active substances can be administered to the skin for absorption or combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for a quicker recovery and better outcomes.

Additionally, depending on the extent of the treated region, the procedure takes around 60 minutes, after which you may return home and continue with regular activities. Patients have a consistent outcome from the procedure, and there is no discomfort or skin harm. During the process, you can experience some pressure and pain. Also, the gadget may be adjusted based on your skin issue for the best results.

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Are Morpheus8 procedures as effective as a facelift?

While Morpheus8 does provide many of the same skin-tightening advantages as a facelift, the effects are not as noticeable or durable. Nevertheless, it is the ideal procedure for many time-constrained working adults and parents who need significant all-over facial anti-aging yet lack free time. Persons with only mild to moderate skin laxity in their 30s, 40s, and 50s make the greatest candidates for Morpheus8. Additionally, in some circumstances, having Morpheus8 when you are younger may prevent you from ever requiring a facelift. Therefore, it is a wise preventative expenditure for some people.

When Morpheus8 outcomes appear

After the initial treatment, results may be seen a few days later, and tightening usually starts three weeks later. The tightening, smoothing out of wrinkles, and reducing acne scars may require more than one session. Full benefits won’t be noticeable for roughly three months since it takes time for new collagen to produce. If you frequently use sunscreen and take care of your skin, the results are long-lasting. One touch-up treatment per year may be suggested for ongoing great-looking skin, even though the natural aging process will still occur.

The great news is that modern non-surgical cosmetics techniques can now provide advantages compared to a facelift without the exorbitant cost or lengthy recovery. One of those therapies is Morpheus8, which has regularly shown outstanding outcomes for patients. Morpheus8 can aid in tightening, lifting, and plumping drooping skin. Numerous other issues, including stretch marks, acne, uneven pigmentation, scarring, and sun damage, can also be addressed by Morpheus8. Call SeeBeyond Beauty to schedule your appointment today to determine if the Morpheus8 procedure suits you.