Various elective procedures are currently available for your convenience to achieve a more aesthetical appearance. Professional cosmetic surgeons perform these enhancement techniques to clients who wish to attain a well-proportioned and a more desirable figure.

One of the sought-after cosmetic operations, gaining a lot of patrons, is the augmentation of the butt. Brazilian Butt Lift has been the hottest trend since 2005. Celebrities continually disclose in public the works they have undergone in their bodies. Because of this, people have become more receptive to these kinds of alterations. Social media influencers have become a great deal when it comes to self-image and body consciousness. As a result, cosmetic surgeons keep on advancing their expertise skills in using technologies in making these body improvements a success.

Why get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The genetic makeup primarily dictates the phenotypic traits that would manifest the shape and proportion of the body. Also, bodily processes like fat digestion and transport mechanisms are according to our genes. Despite having a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, some people are not happy with their figure. This reason is why many people resort to having a Brazilian butt lift to reshape their lower body. With this surgery, the enhancement is made possible by injecting fat coming from different “unwanted” areas of the body into the buttocks area.


A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is different from buttock implants. While buttock implants involve inserting silicon to create a more plump butt, the BBL technique is less invasive. Instead of introducing a foreign material into the body, what makes a reshaped butt are fat deposits harvested from your own body. With this surgical approach, there are fewer risks for complications in undergoing BBL compared to getting implants.

BBL is also a lot different from the traditional procedure of lifting saggy skin on the buttocks. For the excess slumping skin of the butt, it is advisable to get a thigh and buttock lift rather than a BBL.

BBL entails three fundamental steps:

1. Liposuction of excess fat from the lower back, hips, abdomen, thighs, and other areas;
2. Purification of extracted fat in preparation for transfer;
3. Injection of fat by the cosmetic surgeon into a particular locus for volume increase and shape improvement.


The suitability of a Brazilian butt lift is not for everyone who wants to reshape their buttocks. If you are planning to get a BBL, assess yourself if you agree with these points:

• You want buttocks improvement without the use of implants.
• You want to remove unwanted fat deposits in different areas of the body and transfer them to your butt area.
• You are patient enough to endure several weeks of recovery by avoiding sitting directly on the injected region.


Choose a seasoned Cosmetic Surgeon.

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) is the certifying body for professionals who practice elective medical procedures concerning body enhancements. One of the certification requirements includes a fellowship completion of 1-2 years. These years are exclusive training in cosmetic surgery and post-patient care.

Choosing your cosmetic surgeon is the most crucial part of getting a BBL. Why? You have to entrust your entire life with the surgeon who will perform the advanced medical procedure on your body. Therefore, you need to find a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with an impeccable success rate and the best recommendations from previous clients.

Good training and surgical experience are critical points in determining the best cosmetic surgeon to consult. Take note that cosmetic surgeons should have performed a minimum of 300 cosmetic surgeries of the body, breast, and face to get certification from the ABCS.

Also, it is vital to check for the facility if it has accreditation and its level. Accreditation is a recognition given after accrediting bodies perform regular inspections of the standard operating procedures and equipment used in surgeries. This recognition is what makes a facility advantageous over other competitors as it proves authenticity and credibility. The marketability of these elective cosmetic procedures causes numerous fake clinics to rise. These scammers take advantage of innocent people – those who are impulsive and unfortunately not well-informed.

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Recovery Tips after getting a BBL

While pain is inevitable, you can relieve it through medications, as prescribed by your doctor after having the operation. Aside from that, you have to avoid sitting or lying directly on your buttocks for two (2) weeks post-BBL.

What you need to do after getting a BBL:

• You will have to sleep sideways or on your stomach.
• You will have to stand most of the time except when using the toilet.
• You will have to perform only light daily activities for the first seven (7) days after surgery.
• Upon the surgeon’s recommendation on sitting, to avoid putting pressure on your butt, you will have to place a pillow under the thighs.
• You will have to wait for about eight (8) weeks or more before you can sit in a normal position.


The guarantee of buttocks improvement from Brazilian butt lift lasts for several years. Fat injected remains in the buttocks area permanently. However, your lifestyle affects your weight and body proportion. It is noteworthy to maintain your figure by following your surgeon’s recommendations and continue having a healthy lifestyle.