If you own or are looking to own a medical clinic in Sydney, you would certainly need to look for medical fit out companies Sydney. There is a large amount of information available regarding how to go about setting this place up to be the most aesthetically pleasing and serving your purpose well. It can all be found from flooring to lighting, trends to designs, tips, and tricks.

The top medical fit out companies in Sydney agree on many of these things and have disagreements on many others. However, most of them, if not all, when asked, will tell you the same few things about what not to do in your medical facility. As this often is dependent on being asked directly, it is not as well known. We are here to share with you some of the most relevant ‘What not to do’ tips for fit-outs in your clinic or facility.


  • Harsh brightness

When it comes to the lights and colours of the place, you have likely read a large variety of tips on what to use and how. While the opinions of many of the experts in the relevant fields differ, they all seem to concur on this one point. A medical facility is not a place where either the lighting or the colours give out harsh bright tones.

The reason to avoid these is simple but surprisingly often overlooked. Bright colours or lights are often trigger for migraine and even otherwise tend to be dis-concentrating. This means that your visitors and patients will likely feel worse in the presence of these. This will be even more so than the illness or anxiety they are already in, having to visit a medical facility for themselves or a loved one. It is therefore strongly advised to steer clear of such choices.

  • Overcrowded seating

We know you would like to allow a high number of people to be seated at your facility when present. This tends any people to place as many seating options as possible in the waiting area and otherwise. The intent here is to be commended, but high amounts of seating options in limited space often lead to overcrowding and discomfort for the same people you are thinking of.

An optimal number of seating spaces will need to be worked out, keeping in mind the space you have and how you design the whole facility. To understand how bad an idea overcrowding is, imagine a room where only ten people can be sat for all parties to be comfortable. Now imagine twenty sitting spots made in such an area, thereby reducing the distance between people, the space to move around, et al. In a medical facility, this is worse than that in feeling even if the seating ratio is slightly better.

  • Lack of options

When your patients or their loved ones are seated or waiting at your facility, they have to be there for a long time. Discharging phones and no options to read anything is bound to leave them more hassled than anything else.

One of the major, not to-dos when designing your facility and planning its fit-outs, is to have no options for these people. From magazines to charging points, from newspapers to open spaces to move around, all of these become a necessity in such a place. Ignoring these can come at the cost of the comfort and peace of mind of your patrons. This is a mistake you can ill afford to make.

  • Unavailable resources

We have already told you how not keeping the right options is a big no. Now also understand how important it is to have the right resources planned and available in your facility. Your fitouts must not be in such a manner that necessities like drinking water, restrooms, the fans, and ACs, etc. are not easily accessible to all. To understand this, imagine the water cooler is placed behind the reception area. Your attendant is overworked not only because of patients but also for fetching water every now and then. See how inconvenient this can be.

Not having the right resources or having them inaccessible becomes one of the biggest issues for your space.

Keeping aside all your other choices in terms of place and fitouts keeps not doing these things a certainty to avoid distress la