OK, We hear you! Since the COVID-mania started, many of you have written asking if you can load up on more Immunity blend. Well, here’s the good news: Jetson made extra batches to catch up with the epidemic.

The way China was affected by COVID-19 in January, Jetson knew this season would be different so they rushed more Immunity blend quantities to be ready for yo now.


Here’s the bad news: Jetson don’t have a ton. Look, Immunity blend is their best drug yet (more on that below). Many of you have been taking it since it was released it on December 20 and have told us that they haven’t gotten sick all winter.

Starting today, Jetson are going to make the entire extra run of Immunity available for one-off purchases to anyone who wants it – whether that be Jetson customers, their friends and family, or strangers looking for a boost. And since Jetson want to make sure more people have access to it, Jetson are offering 30% OFF with code IMMUNE30. Each order keeps someone healthy and our workers busy, safe, and employed.

Moreover, Probiotics have been studied for years and the evidence is pretty clear – the right strains can help support and strengthen the immune system. There are seven studies that show efficacy. Moreover, two of the strains we use in Immunity have s olid studies and clinicals around immune-health (check it on Jetson website)– which is why people chose them. On top of these probiotic strains, Immunity has 3 other ingredients: Vitamin C, Zinc, and Echinacea. Vitamin C and Echinacea have less compelling hard science (although there are dozens of studies with correlative outcomes). Zinc, however, has good results (length, duration of colds, lessening of lower-respiratory infections) especially if you take it as a supplement BEFORE you’re sick.

So grab Immunity while it’s available. We personally have stockpiled a few bottles (not dozens!) because we know the benefit – and encourage you to do the same. And feel free to spread the coupon code to friends and family. At this point, we’re focused on getting it in as many hands as possible.

Finally, some have asked us if they can take Immunity and Outside at the same time. The answer is absolutely yes. The formulations are very different and complementary – there are only 2 overlapping bacterial strains (DE111 and Bb-06) which are in appropriate dosage levels in our formulations so you can take them together. Jetson even have a different strain in Outside that has been studied for it’s immune function support – so pop away, people. Stay healthy, stay focused and stay calm. Now get 20% off your first month’s probiotics subscription and Free Shipping within the contiguous US. Use code WELCOME20 at checkout and thank us later.