Most couples have a strong desire to conceive, but sometimes they get difficulty in conceiving, which is known as infertility.

What Causes Infertility in Women and Its Solution

Infertility means a couple unable to conceive after one or more years of trying. Here are some causes of infertility in women and their solution. Have a look!

Low or No Ovulation

To conceive ovulation is a must, but some women face a problem with their ovulation, which leads to irregular menstruation. Further female with low ovulation also gets difficulty in conceiving.

What is mean by low or no ovulation?

A female body releases a mature egg every month, which is known as ovulation. However, when body not able to release eggs every month is termed as low ovulation and when releases no eggs in any month is known as zero or no ovulation.

If you are suffering from low ovulation, then, a doctor may help you with conceiving with some fertility drugs.

Are you not able to conceive after infertility treatment?

If yes, then the chances are high that your uterus is not perfect for conceiving or your hormones not favor conception. So, in such case, surrogacy with the advice of expert doctors is an excellent option for future parents to start the Surrogacy Process.

Female Age

Every woman in the world born with fixed eggs for her lifetime. As she aged, eggs age too, the quality and quantity of eggs decrease with every year or month passes. Thus, age is the most important factor that may cause infertility in women.

Generally, female fertility starts to decline in her early 30s, and this speeds up after 35 of age. By 40, the chance conceiving in every monthly cycle reduced by around five percent. Moreover, age also affects sperm quality in men’s.

So, if you are above 35 and trying to conceive for more than a year, you should consult a gynecologist for treatment.


In women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), there is an imbalance in sex hormones, which prevents the release of mature eggs from ovaries. And, without any mature egg, pregnancy can’t occur.

Excess body weight, poor diet habits, and high insulin levels in the body increase the risk of developing PCOS in women’s.

Symptoms of PCOS are abnormal hair growth, acne on the face, weight gain, and irregular periods.

Are you suffering from PCOS?

If yes, then consult the best doctor in your area, as with some medications you may conceive. Also, try to improve your lifestyle to get rid of PCOS naturally.

Blockage in Fallopian Tube

Blocked fallopian tubes are a possible cause of infertility in women.

What are the fallopian tubes?

These are muscular tubes that have fine hair-like structures which help in move eggs down in the uterus and supports sperm travel up to the womb.

Thus these fallopian tubes play an important role in conception as these are the one where eggs get fertilized. If part of the fallopian is blocked, then the couple faces infertility.

However, there are treatments like IVF that help in the conception of a couple with the blocked fallopian tube.

Uterine Cervical Causes

Cervix is a passage for sperm from the vagina to the uterus. And, abnormalities in the cervix are related to the opening of cervix or shape of the uterus. It may cause infertility as the sperm not able to reach the fallopian tubes due to narrow cervical at the end of the vagina and starting of the uterus.

When this is the case, you may opt for surrogacy as it the best way to become parents without many complications.