Did you know your smile is the first thing people identify you with? However, your smile is at risk of numerous dental issues that affect its quality. From oral health concerns to accidents, no one is guaranteed their smile’s safety. Fortunately, you can reclaim your lost smile with the fillings San Ramon procedures, regardless of your dental concerns. Dental fillings have become most popular over the years as its result-proven and for their natural-looking aspect. In addition, dental fillings not reclaim your smile but also helps safeguard your oral health in the long run.

Also identified as dental restorations, fillings help restore the integrity, function, and morphology of your missing teeth structures. This procedure is commonly known to help prevent cavities as they help protect an already damaged tooth from decaying further. Nevertheless, composite fillings can serve more purpose rather than just filling your tooth hole after a cavity. Here are the top reasons that are well-addressed by dental fillings.

1.     Fractured teeth

Various reasons can result in tooth fractures. Some may be caused by sporting activities, a bad fall, or accidents. Furthermore, chewing complex substances can also lead to a tooth fracture. In such cases, fractured teeth will be remedied by composite dental fillings to fill the affected area. In addition, it’s recommendable to use protective wear when engaging in sporting activities.

2.     Cavities of all sizes

Mainly, cavities range in size; some call for drilling and then fillings, and others are just a filler. The drilling is necessary as it removes the affected area and then puts on a filling to cover it up. Your dentist can tell which of the two will work better for you according to your situation. This type of filling can last for five years or more.

3.     Discolored teeth

Several reasons can lead to teeth discoloration. Extensive exposure to wine, coffee, candy, soda, and acidic foods and drinks can cause your teeth to change color. Fillings are potential solutions to help your discolored tooth, especially where teeth whitening has failed. Talk to your doctor to analyze if there is a possibility that fillings will help your discolored teeth.

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4.     Gradual loss of teeth structure

It may be challenging to regain your teeth’ structure after damage. This can significantly affect your eating and smiling. However, if there is a significant loss of teeth structure, your dentist can propose fillings for enhanced support and overall teeth uniformity. The good thing with fillings is that they improve your teeth’ alignment and give you a pleasant appearance.

5.     Damaged/missing old fillings

Traditional fillings can’t serve your needs effectively like the new composite fillings. Fillers can also develop their own issues, like being damaged or missing. While the reason for damage can vary, it typically occurs due to further tooth decay. Furthermore, poor hygiene or lack of proper care for the filling can cause damage. In either case, dental fillings will be replaced to safeguard your teeth against other dental conditions.

If you have been experiencing such issues, you may be suitable to consider seeing a dentist instantly. The more you delay your dental conditions for treatment, the more harm they will cause in the future. Dental fillings will serve your needs for quite a long period if done appropriately.