Everyone is so worked up these days that giving a lot of time in the kitchen is a very difficult thing. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a working mom who is juggling between her home and office together, we have some great ideas for your kitchen that will help you in reducing your workload.

Smart kitchen appliances make your task very easy and you have to apply very little effort working in the kitchen. If you have these highly advanced kitchen robots. In the coming days the need for these kitchen appliances will become extremely important.

So start from now itself looking for smart gadgets like Rotimatic by Zimplistic, a smart roti maker for your kitchen. Gadgets like this will really save a lot of time and effort in the kitchen which is otherwise wasted.

Let’s get started with the below Tips and Tricks

Get rid of peeling garlic

If you are also the one who hates peeling garlic and getting the smell of the garlic on your hands for straight 3 days then this trick will be going to help you a lot.

The best trick of peeling them without getting the smell on your hands is by following this 3-step trick viz. smash, shake and separate. These 3 step techniques will help you save your efforts in peeling off garlic buds for hours.

Just put them between two ceramic bowls placing upwards and smash them tightly. Now, put them in a container and close it with a lid and shake it well to peel them completely. The next and final step is to separate all of them from the peels.

Reheating Your Pasta the Smart way

You must be thinking, is there even a special trick to reheat pasta? Well, yes there is definitely a smarter, specific way to reheat it better. Instead of reheating your pasta by stirring it in a microwave at frequent intervals, it is better to leave a circular space between the containers while reheating your pasta.

This way there will be a proper space left for the heat to be passed between the pasta and it will get reheated properly. By doing this your pasta will remain fresh and warm without doing much effort.

Use a plastic bag for storing your Ice Cream

Most of us think about why our ice creams get harder when we put it in our freezer. Well, here we have a simple hack for this too. The best way to keep your ice cream soft is to store it in a plastic bag to save it from the cold air directly which makes it hard.

Another thing you need to take care of is to keep out all the excess air from the plastic bag while storing it. Now no more hard ice creams and bend spoons, only fresh and soft ice creams!!

Keeping your salad fresh

Green veggies are more likely to get soggy and damp which in turn spoils its real taste. Making a salad daily is a bigger task and it is even difficult to store it for a longer time.  This trick will be going to help all of you who want to keep your salad fresh for a long time.

Using dry paper towels helps in keeping your salad fresh for a longer time. Just put a dray paper towel over your salad and then cover it with a plastic wrap to keep it fresh.

To get more out of citrus fruits

Pulling out juices from citrus fruits generally takes a long time. Why not do something to make your task easier? These citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, etc all of them contain too much juice you can even squeeze out from them.

The best way to squeeze them easily is to roll your lemons or any citrus fruit before peeling them or cutting them to get the most out of it.

Get a roti maker

Making rotis is what even gets a nightmare. In this hectic life, making rotis is a very tough thing. For the rescue, Rotimatic has come up with a great invention to make your kitchen experience even easier. This new invention has changed a lot of things ever since its arrival in the market.


The best thing about Rotimatic is that you don’t have to do a single thing in this other than putting the ingredients together in it.

Just measure the required ingredients and put them inside the machine hot rotis will come out of this within a small-time.

The latest Rotimatic reviews are so good that after reading them everyone has become a fan of this latest technology and wants to buy it.

Peeling ginger the other way

There is always a better way to do a specific task. Gingers have a very different shape as well as peel and peeling them sometimes gets a very tricky thing as the peel is too soft but there are a lot of bends in its shape.

Why not switch a knife to a spoon? Peeling gingers will help you peel them out even clearly as the ginger peel is too thin and can be easily scooped through the other side of the spoon.

Put a wooden spoon over a heating water

While heating water in a pot or anything you can simply save it from boiling by keeping a wooden spoon over the pot.

Now you must be thinking what is the logic behind it? Well, there is actually a scientific reason behind it but in a layman’s language, a wooden spoon absorbs bubbles more easily than any other spoon and helps to save it from boiling.

Keep your cake fresh

All of us generally like to keep the leftover cake in our fridge to eat it later. But, the taste never remains the same as before. To keep your cake taste fresh, you can simply put some pieces of bread at the sides of the cake from where it has been sliced out.

This way, your cake will remain fresh for a longer time and you can eat it whenever you want.

Grill fish on top of lemons

Grilling fish is a big task especially when it is too soft and is likely to break while tossing and turning them up. The simple trick to save it from breaking is to use lemons for cooking them.

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Place the lemons pieces on the surface of the grill or a pan and put the fish on it. This way it will not get stuck to the grill and break plus it will also get the flavor of lemon. Lemons help in reducing the smell from fish and it also enhances the flavor.