Deciding to buy or renovate a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you can make. There are many factors to take into account such as budget, needs, and availability. With these three money-saving secrets you can make sure you’re getting the best deal.

1. Customize Your Energy

solar panels

Houses are customizable. We all know that you can choose a location, size, and style that works best for you, but did you know you can choose a power source too? Traditional electricity may be the common option, but that’s not because it’s the only one. Here are a few quick facts about solar energy.

● Out of all the renewable energy resources, solar is the cleanest.
● Once you’ve chosen solar, you’ll start saving on your monthly bills and your taxes.
● Production and use of solar energy doesn’t pollute the air or contaminate water. So switching to solar gives you a smaller carbon footprint.
● Having solar power is considered a great selling feature, so if you’re improving your home to put it on the market, this is a great investment.
● Community solar projects, also known as solar farms or roofless solar, are on the rise. Thanks to these projects, you no longer have to worry about buying and installing solar panels.
● You can choose solar by simply signing up online. No appointments, no phone calls, and no sign-up fees.

Choosing solar is a great home improvement move, and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping out the planet.

2. Focus On Flooring


Eyes are drawn to the largest surfaces in a room first. In most cases, this is the floor. Here’s what to consider before closing on a house or starting your improvements.

● Worn carpets, scuffed woods, or broken tiles should be removed.
● Flooring should have proper insulation underneath it to help regulate room temperatures, which lowers your heating and air conditioning costs. Proper insulation also helps cut down on noise, so it’s essential for homes with more than one floor.
● Add hardwood floors. They make a room look classic, are easy to clean, and add resale value to a home. They’re also considered one of the important home improvements that should be done this year.
● When treated properly and made of quality materials, wood flooring can last for a lifetime. Get a quality solid hardwood and you won’t have to worry about replacing it again.

3. Shop For Savings On Your Insurance

How Insurance Works: An Explanation in Layman's Terms

Not all home insurance policies are created equal. You’ll want to look around and compare rates and coverage from various companies. You can do this while buying a home, or while looking for ways to improve your coverage and monthly costs.

● The first question you should ask yourself before purchasing insurance is what your personal insurance needs are. There are many kinds of insurance, so you’ll have to consider what works best for your unique situation.
● Once you’ve determined what you need, go through an independent agent or broker so that you can compare policies from multiple companies. An independent agent can help you find the best deal without pressuring you to pick a certain company.
● The last step is to compare quotes and pick the insurance that will work best for your needs and your budget.

Home insurance is vital, but can be expensive. It always pays to shop around for the best deal before you make a commitment.

The three secrets are out, and now you can begin your saving. Keep these points in mind while you travel through your buying or renovating journey and you’re sure to have a successful outcome.